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[News] More Linux Phones Surface at CES

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Lenovo spins Snapdragon Android phone

,----[ Quote ]
| Lenovo unveiled a Qualcomm Snapdragon-based 
| Android smartphone aimed for a 1H 2010 
| release in China, says eWEEK. Meanwhile, 
| Dell officially announced a version of the 
| Mini 3 Android smartphone aimed at AT&T's 
| U.S. network, and showed off a MID-like 
| Android "slate" prototype.


Verizon tips Pre Plus, and Palm opens WebOS

,----[ Quote ]
| Verizon Wireless announced Jan. 25 
| availability of two modified versions of 
| Palm's WebOS-based smartphones, the Palm Pre 
| Plus and the newly WiFi-enabled Palm Pixi 
| Plus. Meanwhile, Palm announced that its 
| WebOS developer program is now open to all 
| developers, and plans to launch a WebOS 
| plugin development kit, says eWEEK.


CES 2010: Hands-on with the ELSE ACCESS Linux Platform-based smartphone

,----[ Quote ]
| It was way back in early 2006 when we read 
| that ACCESS and PalmSource announced the 
| ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP) that was 
| initially intended to be the next Palm 
| operating system. While Palm no longer has 
| any ties to ACCESS, we heard in October that 
| Emblaze Mobile Ltd. introduced the first 
| ELSE mobile device running the ELSE 
| INTUITION platform based on ALP. I had the 
| chance to talk with Amir Kupervas, CEO, and 
| Eldad Eilam, Chief Technology Officer, from 
| Else Mobile and captured much of our 
| conversation in the 20+ minute video you see 
| below.



Palm opens developer program, adds plug-in support

,----[ Quote ]
| The number of applications available for
| webOS is much smaller than for the iPhone or
| Google's Android OS. To close this gap, Palm
| will also open up its application
| distribution channel to developers and Web
| sites, giving them access to detailed
| information about applications and
| statistics, such as the number of downloads.
| This will allow them to build their own
| application directories and application
| ranking mechanisms, Mitic said.


Palm PrÄ lands in France

,----[ Quote ]
| Palm is extending the market range of its
| smartphones to France through a partnership
| with mobile service provider SFR, which will
| begin offering the Palm PrÄ and Pixi to its
| existing 20 million mobile customers - and,
| hopefully, more - in the second quarter of
| this year.

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