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[News] Intellectual Monopolies Conspiracy (ACTA): Video Debate, MAFIAA on Net Neutrality

  • Subject: [News] Intellectual Monopolies Conspiracy (ACTA): Video Debate, MAFIAA on Net Neutrality
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010 03:17:14 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Secret copyright treaty debated in DC: must-see video 

,----[ Quote ]
| Two recurring points that Metalitz raised 
| were that the secrecy in the treaty was a 
| requirement of foreign negotiating 
| partners, and the US's hands were tied; and 
| that the treaty wouldn't require any of the 
| "advanced" nations to change their law (he 
| repeated the oft-heard unfounded slur that 
| Canada is a rogue nation when it comes to 
| copyright law).
| Both of these points are simply wrong. The 
| country demanding that ACTA be kept secret 
| is the good old US of A, whose strategy for 
| this is being driven by former 
| entertainment industry lawyers who have 
| found new homes as senior officials in the 
| Obama government (the Democrats are 
| terrible on copyright, sadly -- we can 
| thank Bill Clinton for the Digital 
| Millennium Copyright Act). These lawyers 
| are Metalitz's old pals, his colleagues in 
| the decades he's spent winning special 
| privileges and public subsidy for his rich 
| clients. 


RIAA: Net neutrality shouldn't inhibit antipiracy

,----[ Quote ]
| The lobbying group for the top four 
| recording companies wants to make sure that 
| when regulations on Net neutrality are 
| adopted, they don't impede antipiracy 
| efforts.
| That's why the Recording Industry 
| Association of America on Thursday asked 
| the Federal Communications Commission to 
| "adopt flexible rules" that free Internet 
| service providers to fight copyright theft. 



Oh, a new ACTA document

,----[ Quote ]
| How do you request it? Very simple, fill out
| the form and enter the document number
| 17779/09 as the document you request. Then
| the Council secretariat has 15 days to
| respond, either it would grant you access
| and submit the reasons for refusal.
| Here is stops for most persons. You have
| against 15 days for a confirmatory
| application. When the confirmatory
| application is denied you can complain to
| the EU-Ombudsman or sue the Commission.


Google DC Talk on ACTA

,----[ Quote ]
| Why does DG Trade want criminal sanctions
| from third nations when these instruments
| are not adopted in the âacquis
| communautaireâ yet? Unfortunately we cannot
| find out in their negotiation mandate from
| the Council because it is not disclosed.


Personal Luggage Will be Subject to ACTA

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the fairy tales being told about the
| oppressive ACTA is that it's only going to
| apply to large-scale criminal offenders, and
| that the Little People like you and me don't
| need to worry our pretty heads. But that's a
| lie, as this fascinating blog post has
| discovered:
|     It was very interesting to talk to Mr.
|     Velasco. He said the negotiations could
|     be understood, in a very very simplified
|     way, as you basically could get cheap
|     cars in exchange for IPR enforecement
|     laws.
|     Interestingly enough, his materials
|     published on the interenet also provided
|     some kind of explanation to why people
|     are afraid of having their iPods
|     searched. Under "What is new" in a
|     presentation about Enforcement of IPR
|     Mr. Velasco says:
|     [it] "No longer excludes from the scope
|     of the regulation counterfeit or pirated
|     goods in a traveler's personal baggage
|     where such goods are suspected to be
|     part of a larger-scale traffic."


Union des Consommateurs ACTA protest

,----[ Quote ]
| Quebec consumer protection group the Union
| des Consommateurs has joined the mounting
| storm of outrage levelled at the
| entertaiment industryâs ACTA plan.


Explaining The Copyright Bubble... And Why Big Corporations Want To Keep ACTA Secret

,----[ Quote ]
| But, still, they will try, and the way they
| try to do it is in backrooms and convincing
| governments that they must be right, and
| increased protectionism really is better for
| everyone -- even though it's really only
| better for a select group of middlemen.


Reading Between The Still Secret Lines Of The ACTA Negotiations

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday I attended a fascinating panel
| discussion about ACTA, hosted by Google at
| its Washington DC offices, as a lead-in to
| today's World Fair Use Day event. The four
| participants each brought a different
| perspective to the panel, though only one,
| Steve Metalitz, a lawyer who represents a
| coalition of entertainment industry
| interests, was there to defend ACTA. Jamie
| Love of KEI was his main sparring partner,
| though Jonathan Band (a lawyer representing
| various tech and library organizations) made
| plenty of insightful points as well. The
| final participant was a legislative staffer
| from Rep. Zoe Lofgren's office, Ryan Clough,
| who tiptoed the line of expressing some
| concern about ACTA, without fully coming out
| against it.
| [...]
| On top of that, Band pointed out, within
| TRIPS and WIPO there are numerous developing
| countries who are recognizing -- correctly --
| that strict IP enforcement is designed solely
| to benefit a small group of companies in
| developed nations at the expense of the
| people in developing nations. Thus, they're
| starting to push back on IP expansion.
| Combine all that, and you get ACTA -- an
| entirely new forum to take on these issues,
| which (conveniently) only includes developed
| nations and leaves out the developing nations
| who had become so pesky. Metalitz pulled out
| the "but this won't really change US law"
| gambit, to which Band pointed out that the
| real goal here was never to make huge changes
| to US law, but to eventually force all those
| developing nations to go along. Basically,
| you get the developed nations to agree to
| ACTA, written by the big copyright players,
| and then you start putting pressure on
| developing nations about how they need to
| conform to ACTA as well to join the club.


Karel de Gucht grilled

,----[ Quote ]
| The Trade Commissioner-designate De Gucht will
| be grilled before the European Parliament INTA
| committee, Tuesday 12 January 9-12h. While the
| Council told me that ACTA was not about
| legislation the new.
| [...]
| The Korean FTA is a good example. What else
| than legislation is included in the IP
| chapter? De Gucht seems to be unaware of the
| problem that the trade portfolio is abused for
| âpolicy laundryâ, and an international
| legislative process.


Vanessa Hudgens Claims Copyright in DÃcolletÃe Images of Herself

,----[ Quote ]
| Generally speaking, the subject of a
| photograph does not have copyrights
| therein. These accrue to the photographer,
| unless there is a contract to the
| contrary.
| Actress Vanessa Hudgens has apparently
| been shocked to find full frontal, nude
| images of herself on the Internet,
| specifically on the site of
| moejackson.com, but as tends to happen
| with such things, the images are already
| available more widely.


Senator Demands IP Treaty Details

,----[ Quote ]
| That a U.S. senator must ask a federal
| agency to share information regarding a
| proposed and âclassifiedâ international
| anti-counterfeiting accord the government
| has already disclosed is alarming.
| Especially when the info has been given to
| Hollywood, the recording industry,
| software makers and even some digital-
| rights groups.


TransLink's new copyright deal means fee hike for buskers

,----[ Quote ]
| Buskers at SkyTrain stations in Vancouver
| are about to get an Olympic-sized price
| hike as TransLink negotiates a deal with
| the Society of Composers, Music Publishers
| and Authors of Canada - the Canadian body
| that collects licensing fees on
| copyrighted music.
| The arrangement, set to be finalized by
| Feb. 1, will cost the transit service $880
| per station per year and the hefty price
| hike will almost certainly result in
| higher licensing fees for buskers. Right
| now, TransLink buskers pay an annual
| licence fee of $75.


First 2010 Google D.C. Talk on ACTA: the global treaty that could reshape the Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| The panel will tackle important questions
| like:  Will ACTA preserve the existing
| balance in intellectual property laws,
| providing not just enforcement for
| copyright holders but also appropriate
| exceptions for technology creators and
| users? Will it undermine the legal safe
| harbors that have allowed virtually every
| Internet service to come into existence?
| And will it encourage governments to
| endorse "three strikes" penalties that
| would take away a user's access to the
| Internet?


UK Gov't On ACTA: Lack of Transparency Not In the Public Interest

,----[ Quote ]
| The UK Government discusses the lack of
| transparency in an EU access to
| information request:
| "More broadly with respect to ACTA the UK
| considers that transparency is crucial to
| ensure the legitimacy of the agreement and
| to stop the spread of rumours. We believe
| the lack of transparency is unhelpful and
| do not believe that it is in the public
| interest."


Marshall interview on ACTA with the Commission

,----[ Quote ]
| An unnamed official from the Commission
| responds to good and deep ACTA questions
| from journalist Rosalie Marshall.
| They say the secrecy of the mandate of the
| EU-Commission is crucial:
|     We canât make the mandate public
|     because it defines the limits of where
|     the EU is prepared to go with the
|     agreement. If it is made public and
|     other countries gained access to it
|     they would know how far we will go or
|     not go with the negotiations. This
|     could make their tasks a lot easier.
|     Itâs like if you are buying a used car
|     and you already know how low the
|     seller will go with the price.


DOJ Recommends FCC Quickly Free up More Spectrum

,----[ Quote ]
| Supporting existing and new wireless
| broadband providers is key to encouraging
| broadband competition, the U.S. Department
| of Justice advised the U.S. Federal
| Communications Commission on Monday.
| In a filing submitted in response to an
| FCC request for comments on its national
| broadband plan, the DOJ said that it's
| unrealistic to try to promote "textbook
| markets of perfect competition" since the
| provision of broadband services is so
| costly. "Rather, promoting competition is
| likely to take the form of enabling
| additional entry and expansion by wireless
| broadband providers," among other
| activities, the DOJ wrote.


And the draft of the ACTA reply to me in English

,----[ Quote ]
| So here is a Council draft document in
| English to the reply to my secondary
| request for document access related to an
| ACTA criminal provisions document.


ACTA secondary application answered

,----[ Quote ]
| Formally, I could go to Court now or
| invoke the ombudsman.

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