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[News] Heaps of New Success Stories for Free Software

  • Subject: [News] Heaps of New Success Stories for Free Software
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 12:21:50 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Boxee Beta â The Best Media Center App for Your TV

,----[ Quote ]
| The Boxee beta brings the best media the 
| Internet has to offer and your personal 
| media all under one roof. The interface to 
| watch TV on Internet is clean and easy to 
| browse with a remote, but works great with 
| a mouse and keyboard if you donât have one.


Gource: Open Source visualization of Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| When I think about the challenges we face 
| in America, which we are all coming to 
| realize are a lot bigger, a lot more 
| complex, and a lot more unavoidable and 
| non-negotiable than we ever let ourselves 
| believe in the past, and I look at the 
| arguments against action that amount to 
| "it's too difficult and too costly," I'm 
| reminded of the truly democratic approach 
| that Estonia demonstrated in 2008, and I 
| wonder: what can we not do if we function 
| as a community? The Gource visualization of 
| the Cobbler project shows just how powerful 
| a few visionaries and a strong community 
| can be.


Open Source BI Makes a Beginning

,----[ Quote ]
| Globally, open source BI solutions are in 
| huge demand, with interest picking up in a 
| huge way during the recession. Open source 
| BI products from vendors such as Pentaho 
| and Jaspersoft have evolved from being 
| community-driven tools to being backed up 
| by support from professional service 
| vendors. In India, awareness levels are low 
| and the market is at a nascent stage. 
| However, the potential for adoption is huge
| âespecially among SMEsâa market that is 
| made of over 6 million Indian enterprises, 
| contributing to 42 percent of Indiaâs total 
| exports.


Prediction #8: Open Source CEP Won't Impact the Market, But Open Source Will

,----[ Quote ]
| Although event processing platforms is 
| robust and proven, there is still constant 
| innovation in the space. Although the 
| efforts of open source projects Esper and 
| Cayuga are admirable they both miss the 
| importance of simplicity through graphical 
| event languages and powerful development 
| tools. They also aren't proven for mission 
| critical usage, or optimized for the high 
| performance, low latency demands.


5 things I have learned from Free and open source software 

,----[ Quote ]
| When one single governing body gains 
| absolute control over something, it is only 
| a matter of time before that governing body 
| increases its power tremendously.  Many 
| times, it does this in order to avoid vice, 
| but counterintuitively, only ends up 
| creating more of it in the process.  Take 
| any modern established proprietary software 
| company that started out in the 60âs or 
| 70âs for example. 


PTFS to Acquire LibLime

,----[ Quote ]
| Progressive Technology Federal Systems, 
| Inc. (PTFS), an industry-leading library 
| solutions provider and developer of the 
| ArchivalWare digital library and content 
| management software, has announced it will 
| acquire LibLime, the global leader in open-
| source software solutions for libraries.  
| The transaction is expected to close before 
| the end of January 2010.
| "PTFS has supported ILS solutions for 15 
| years and is committed to resolving 
| community differences and advancing Koha 
| open source library technology.  At a time 
| when many libraries are experiencing budget 
| cuts, PTFS's LibLime division plans to 
| significantly enhance this highly cost 
| effective library automation alternative," 
| commented John Yokley, PTFS CEO.


GenISys, Juspertor Accelerate Design-Manufacturing Transition 

,----[ Quote ]
| Juspertor originated from the Open-Source 
| project LayoutEditor 
| (www.LayoutEditor.net). 


Businesses urged to embrace custom web hosting

,----[ Quote ]
| Small businesses can make significant 
| savings by embracing open source software 
| and web services, it has been claimed.


Never Mind the Valley: Here's Portland

,----[ Quote ]
| Entrepreneur and Urban Airship CEO Scott 
| Kveton manages to keep a foot in both the 
| open source community and the iPhone 
| community. While Urban Airship focuses on 
| building out iPhone infrastructure for 
| developers, Kveton is also well known for 
| working with Oregon State University to 
| start the Open Source Lab - the first 
| state-wide open source development 
| curriculum. Coupled with the fact that 
| O'Reilly's OSCON and the Linux creator 
| Linus Torvalds call the region home, 
| Oregon's developers understand the value of 
| shared knowledge and community. When asked 
| how the open source movement has shaped 
| Oregon's entrepreneurs, Kveton replies, 
| "Portland has a live free or die attitude. 
| We engage in community and unlike other 
| groups we really share our knowledge."


Systems on Chip LLC Announces the Wireless Open Source Developers Program

,----[ Quote ]
| Systems on Chip LLC, an Atlanta based 
| wireless design firm, announced today the 
| launch of Wireless Open Source, an online 
| forum designed to allow developers to fast 
| track wireless cellular hardware and 
| software product development with minimal 
| time and cost.


Gauging Your Open Source Appetite

,----[ Quote ]
| One issue that gives IT organizations cause 
| for pause when it comes to open source is 
| the whole issue of support. In particular, 
| when it comes to open source applications, 
| some IT organizations fret that the level 
| of support they get from open source 
| vendors in terms of help with the 
| underlying operating system and middleware 
| is not as deep as it is in comparison to 
| providers of proprietary applications.


Bob Mann joins Openbravo as new Chairman of the Board

,----[ Quote ]
| A leader in operating global companies, Mr. 
| Mann directed the expansion of Siebel 
| Systems in Europe in 1995, building its 
| sales and marketing operations across the 
| region.  Prior to his role at Siebel, he 
| was Vice President at Legent, where he 
| executed strategy to realize European 
| revenues of $175 million. 


Growing 100x through inbound marketing

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source was an incredible calling card 
| that we could use to determine what 
| customers were interested in. Now we just 
| needed to figure out how to harvest that 
| interest.  It worked for MySQL as a 
| startup, but how would these techniques 
| apply in a bigger company like Sun?  Pretty 
| well, as the graph below illustrates.
| We achieved more than 100-fold growth 
| during the year in terms of top-of-funnel 
| raw leads as well as qualified BANT 
| (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeframe) and 
| pre-BANT leads. And while there was 
| sometimes skepticism that online marketing 
| activities could generate real revenues, we 
| finished calendar Q4 with a sales-accepted 
| pipeline value that would be on par with 
| what you might see in a 5- to 10-year-old 
| startup company.


There's too much good news to keep track of.
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