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[News] More Moves in Europe Towards Free Software and Standards

  • Subject: [News] More Moves in Europe Towards Free Software and Standards
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 12:56:39 +0000
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EU: European Parliament restart workgroup on open source software 

,----[ Quote ]
| A number of members of the European 
| Parliament are about to start an informal 
| cross party working group on 'new media, 
| free and open source software and open 
| information society'. The intergroup is 
| expected to begin in February, with the 
| support of the European People's Party 
| (EPP), the Alliance of Liberals and 
| Democrats (Alde) and the European Greens. 


Towards an Interoperable Scientific Cloud for Europe 

,----[ Quote ]
| Furthermore, a recent Expert Group Report 
| on the Future of Cloud Computing produced 
| with the support of the European Commission 
| DG INFSO recommends that the European open 
| source movement should work strongly with 
| industry to support commercial cloud based 
| service provisioning.


HU: Open standards made mandatory for public administrations 

,----[ Quote ]
| Open standards have been made mandatory for 
| the IT systems of Hungary's public 
| administrations. The Hungarian parliament 
| voted in favour of amendments prescribing 
| open standards, to a law on electronic 
| government services, on 14 December. The 
| changes received 197 votes in favour, one 
| against and 146 abstentions, according to 
| the Open Standard Alliance, a Hungarian 
| advocacy group that lobbyed in favour of 
| the amendments. 


Not so open

,----[ Quote ]
| So, nearly a year later what has happened? 
| One thing for sure is that UK government 
| contracts haven't been flooding to open 
| source companies - in fact there's no sign 
| of any going to them.
| It's easy to dismiss Powell's musings as 
| sour grapes from a company not benefiting 
| from lucrative government contracts except 
| I've also heard the same thing from an 
| executive fromanother leading open source 
| vendor, one who didn't want to be 
| identified, but who was equally scathing 
| about the government's procurement policy.



EP Intergroup: In Europe Left and Right for Free Software!

,----[ Quote ]
| An intergroup on "New Media, Free Software
| and Open Information Society" was
| established in the European Parliament with
| the support of a wide range of political
| groups (EPP, ALDE/ADLE and Greens/EFA). Free
| Software promoters April (FR) and
| Associazione per il Software Libero (IT)
| welcome this decision that opens up the
| European Parliament to embracing the digital
| revolution.

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