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[News] United States Blackmails Costa Rica for Intellectual Monopolies, The Independent Hypocritical on Copyright Tyranny

  • Subject: [News] United States Blackmails Costa Rica for Intellectual Monopolies, The Independent Hypocritical on Copyright Tyranny
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 13:07:10 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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U.S. To Costa Rica: No Sugar Access Without Copyright Reform

,----[ Quote ]
| Reports from Costa Rica indicate that final 
| approval of the Central American Free Trade 
| Agreement with the United States is 
| languishing in the Legislative Assembly due 
| to concerns over the copyright provisions.  
| The CAFTA copyright provisions are similar 
| to those found in the other major U.S. 
| trade agreements concluded in recent years: 
| DMCA-style protections, ISP liability, and 
| copyright term extension are all part of 
| the package.  


As Developing Countries Gain More Power In Diplomatic Discussions, Will They Push Back On IP?

,----[ Quote ]
| In recent years, we've definitely pushed 
| increasingly draconian IP laws on those 
| countries. So until we see more serious 
| pushback (and Brazil is really the only 
| major country I can remember that has been 
| proactive on that front -- India and China 
| have appeared more willing to claim that 
| they'll move toward US-style IP rules) it's 
| difficult to believe this is really 
| happening just yet.


Pirate Party: Digital web Bill makes UK 3rd world country


Sarcasm punctuation mark aims to put an end to email confusion

,----[ Quote ]
| Now a US firm has come up with an ingenious 
| solution to this very real problem â a new 
| item of punctuation. 


Breach of Copyright - The Independent

,----[ Quote ]
| On the 5 â 6 January 2010 they used the 
| Flickr API to search for and display images 
| of snow scenes in the UK â amongst those 
| images displayed was one of mine which is 
| clearly marked on Flickr as âall rights 
| reservedâ. They did not seek my permission 
| for the use of my image. I am assuming they 
| used the API without applying a filter on 
| the licence type, this also means that 
| other UK photographers may have had their 
| copyrighted work used without permission; 
| might be worth checking if you had any 
| refers from the Independent on those days.



Adding up the explanations for ACTA's "shameful secret"

,----[ Quote ]
| Why is an intellectual property treaty being
| negotiated in the name of the US public kept
| quiet as a matter of national security and
| treated as "some shameful secret"?
| Solid information on the Anti-Counterfeiting
| Trade Agreement (ACTA) has been hard to come
| by, but Google on Monday hosted a panel
| discussion on ACTA at its DC offices. Much of
| the discussion focused on transparency, and
| why there's so little of it on ACTA, even from
| an administration that has made transparency
| one of its key goals.


U.S. Ambassador David Jacobson â Intellectual Property Rights

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, Ambassador, a lot of Canadians donât
| think U.S. Intellectual Property Laws are in
| the best interest of Americans or Canadians
| either. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act
| of 1998 comes to mind. Do you have any proof
| (specifically peer reviewed studies) proving
| that the DMCA has any benefit to the citizens
| of the United States? And if you donât have
| any proof, when do you intend to provide it?


Oh, a new ACTA document

,----[ Quote ]
| How do you request it? Very simple, fill out
| the form and enter the document number
| 17779/09 as the document you request. Then
| the Council secretariat has 15 days to
| respond, either it would grant you access
| and submit the reasons for refusal.
| Here is stops for most persons. You have
| against 15 days for a confirmatory
| application. When the confirmatory
| application is denied you can complain to
| the EU-Ombudsman or sue the Commission.


Google DC Talk on ACTA

,----[ Quote ]
| Why does DG Trade want criminal sanctions
| from third nations when these instruments
| are not adopted in the âacquis
| communautaireâ yet? Unfortunately we cannot
| find out in their negotiation mandate from
| the Council because it is not disclosed.

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