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[News] Loads of LCA 2010 Coverage

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LCA2010 gets off the starting blocks 

,----[ Quote ]
| Wellington sported a grey visage this 
| morning, a time of day when geeks are 
| normally sleeping off the effects of late-
| night hacking sessions and the excessive 
| intake of coffee.


LCA 2010: Wanna kill a FOSS community? 

,----[ Quote ]
| Berkus' talk, at the "Business in Open 
| Source" mini-conference this morning, was 
| titled "Ten ways to destroy your 
| community" and described in detail how a 
| proprietary company could go about killing 
| an open source community which it had 
| acquired.


Linux.conf.au - Day One

,----[ Quote ]
| January brings with it the southern-
| hemisphere's summer and Linux.conf.au. 
| This year, the conference is being held in 
| Wellington, New Zealand thanks to the hard 
| work and dedication of the Capital Cabal, 
| a team of volunteer organisers lead by 
| Susanne and Andrew Ruthven. 


linux.conf.au 2010: Day 1 (morning)

,----[ Quote ]
| The theme for my morning, on the first day 
| of the conference, was version control. 
| The conference day was divided into mini-
| confs covering different topic areas, but 
| this was a common theme of the sessions I 
| attended in different mini-confs.


Rich and varied fare for open-source conference

,----[ Quote ]
| Also attending the conference with his 
| latest âRepRapâ open source 3D printer is 
| Vik Olliver, one of two Kiwis on the 
| eight-person international project.
| At the more familiar ICT core of open 
| source, Linux, Jonathan Courbet will give 
| an update on recent developments in the 
| Linux kernel and Ted Tso will talk about 
| the filing system associated with Linux in 
| its current version, ext4.


Windows Media streams at LCA: Pfeiffer to the rescue 

,----[ Quote ]
| Pfeiffer, who organised the Foundations of 
| Open Media Software workshop in Wellington 
| in the week before the conference, got the 
| assistance of a few people from the group 
| and arranged for transcoding of the video 
| from a proprietary format to the open Ogg 
| Theora/Vorbis format.


Hundreds flock to open source software conference

,----[ Quote ]
| Around 40% of delegates are from 
| Wellington and other parts of New Zealand, 
| 40% are from Australia with the remaining 
| coming from various countries around the 
| world.
| Open Source Society president Don Christie 
| said a variety of topics would be 
| discussed at the conference with a focus 
| on technical development and raising the 
| profile of open source software.



LCA 2010: Spreading the FOSS message to the masses

,----[ Quote ]
| Australia's national Linux conference has a
| reputation of being among the better
| technical conferences held every year and
| geeks look forward to the annual event.


Linux.conf.au 2010 Hits Wellington Next Week


Rich and varied fare for open-source conference

,----[ Quote ]
| The open source software conference
| linux.conf.au, taking place in Wellington
| all this week, will cover a healthy mixture
| of technical, social and even âsmall-pâ
| political topics â as well as allowing open
| source enthusiasts to chew the fat.


Big turnout expected for Wellington Linux-fest

,----[ Quote ]
| Wellington will host an international
| gathering of Linux enthusiasts next week
| when the linux.conf.au 2010 conference
| comes to town.

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