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[News] Censorship Runs Rampant

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Italy proposes mandatory licenses for people who upload video

,----[ Quote ]
| Italy proposes mandatory licenses for 
| people who upload video
| Italy's Berlusconi regime, already known 
| around the world as an enemy of free 
| speech and popular access to the tools of 
| communication, has now floated a proposal 
| to require Italians to get an "uploader's 
| license" in order to put any "moving 
| pictures" on the Internet. The government 
| claims that this is required as part of 
| the EU's product placement disclosure 
| rules, which is about as ridiculous 
| assertion as I've heard this month. 


12 Trends to Watch in 2010

,----[ Quote ]
| It's the dawn of a new year. From our 
| perch on the frontier of electronic civil 
| liberties, EFF has collected a list of a 
| dozen important trends in law, technology 
| and business that we think will play a 
| significant role in shaping online rights 
| in 2010.


Drawing the âonlineâ line on free speech 

,----[ Quote ]
| When and where do we draw the line on free 
| speech?
| Thatâs âweâ as in you and I, and our 
| fellow citizens â and the âwhereâ 
| increasingly involves the Internet.


Google Attacks Highlight the Importance of Surveillance Transparency

,----[ Quote ]
| Ed posted yesterday about Google's 
| bombshell announcement that it is 
| considering pulling out of China in the 
| wake of a sophisticated attack on its 
| infrastructure. People more knowledgeable 
| than me about China have weighed in on the 
| announcement's implications for the future 
| of US-Sino relations and the evolution of 
| the Chinese Internet. Rebecca MacKinnon, a 
| China expert who will be a CITP visiting 
| scholar beginning next month, says that 
| "Google has taken a bold step onto the 
| right side of history." She has a roundup 
| of Chinese reactions here.


Turkey Blocking More Than 3,000 Websites

,----[ Quote ]
| The Organization for Security and 
| Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), a human 
| rights watchdog, called on Turkey today to 
| reform or abolish its restrictive Internet 
| policy.
| "At present, 3,700 Internet sites are 
| blocked in Turkey, including YouTube, 
| GeoCities, and Google sites," said Miklos 
| Haraszti, an OSCE Representative on 
| Freedom of the Media.


Facebook users booted for hitting message limit

,----[ Quote ]
| Some Facebook users sending messages about 
| the Haitian earthquake may have been a bit 
| dismayed at times this week to find that 
| they'd been booted off the site for 
| suspicion of spamming. 



Proposed Web video restrictions cause outrage in Italy

,----[ Quote ]
| New rules to be introduced by government
| decree will require people who upload
| videos onto the Internet to obtain
| authorization from the Communications
| Ministry similar to that required by
| television broadcasters, drastically
| reducing freedom to communicate over the
| Web, opposition lawmakers have warned.

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