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[News] Philippines Trains for Free Software

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Basic open source web design workshop set in Davao

,----[ Quote ]
| The Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) is 
| inviting interested manager/owners/ HR 
| managers/web enthusiasts in a two-day Basic 
| Web Design Course using Joomla open source 
| software.


Why Business Resists Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently Norway's own broadcasting company (NRK) went to open standards by choosing ODF 
| file formats over that of those provided by 
| Microsoft's Office products. This is not 
| really that groundbreaking considering how 
| much other parts of the world opt to embrace 
| open standards while here in the U.S. we cling 
| to what's easiest. But it did serve as a 
| reminder that changes are coming in what users 
| want from their software.
| Clearly, there is significant interest in open 
| source software as a potential cost saving, 
| among other advantages. The key is making sure 
| that legacy headaches among issues of software 
| trust and familiarity. It's an unfortunate 
| mindset that is not only a problem in the 
| corporate world, but in everyday homes as 
| well. 



As it expands into virtualization, open source vendor upbeat on RP prospects

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat, renowned for its open source
| solutions, is going head-long into the
| virtualization space and is hopeful that
| local companies would adopt what arguably
| is a double-barreled offering â open
| source-based virtualization.
| The tech firm said the new product
| offering, to be distributed and supported
| locally by MSI-ECS Philippines starting in
| late 2009, has the potential to benefit
| local enterprises who need a robust but
| inexpensive solution for their IT systems.

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