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[News] Internet Laws in Jeopardy in Europe, Net Neutrality Attacked with Copyrights

  • Subject: [News] Internet Laws in Jeopardy in Europe, Net Neutrality Attacked with Copyrights
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 03:44:44 +0000
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OEIL: universal service telecom package part completed

,----[ Quote ]
| The telecom package pushed the European 
| legislation process to its limits. Hopefully 
| Kroes wonât make the same mistake as Reding 
| and make proposals that can be easier 
| processed and reviewed. Some stakeholders are 
| still clouded by the fog of war. But we also 
| have a very nice technical overview of the 
| process.


Entertainment Industry Explains How True Net Neutrality Is Just Another Word For Theft

,----[ Quote ]
| With comments due last week on the FCC's 
| proposed new net neutrality rules, we've 
| already covered some of the filings, while 
| noting the problems of carving out a 
| special exemption for copyright. But, of 
| course, that special exemption for 
| copyright means everything to an 
| entertainment industry that has no interest 
| in adapting its business models. Both the 
| RIAA and MPAA filed their own comments, 
| which were pretty similar, and equally 
| misleading. The RIAA's filing (pdf) 
| repeatedly referred to copyright 
| infringement as "theft" (you would think 
| lawyers would know the difference) and 
| insisted not just that there should be a 
| copyright exemption, but that the FCC 
| itself should require ISPs to act as 
| copyright cops. The MPAA's filing (pdf) is 
| almost a carbon copy of the RIAA's. There 
| is very little difference between the two. 



Parties Lobby FCC on Net Neutrality

,----[ Quote ]
| The Recording Industry Association of
| America and the Motion Picture Association
| of America have an established love-hate
| relationship with the Internet. Perhaps
| more hate-hate. The recording and motion
| picture industries are still struggling to
| find their footing and adapt to a world
| where MP3's replaced CD's, and where
| streaming movies are replacing DVD's.
| Dating back to the early days of Napster,
| the RIAA and MPAA have lobbied for
| legislation and leveraged the court system
| to combat online piracy. In its filing on
| net neutrality with the FCC, the RIAA wrote
| "we encourage the FCC to stay its course
| and explicitly support, encourage, and
| endorse ISP efforts to fight piracy."
| On the opposite end of the spectrum, the
| EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is
| urging individuals to join its petition to
| convince the FCC to remove language from
| the proposed net neutrality guidelines
| which provide a legal loophole for the
| entertainment industry to "hijack the
| Internet."

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