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[News] Obama Admits USPTO is an Embarrassment

  • Subject: [News] Obama Admits USPTO is an Embarrassment
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 03:48:16 +0000
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Obama: Patent office's system is 'embarrassing'


Obama Calls The Patent Office Embarrassing For Its Outdated Workflow

,----[ Quote ]
| Indeed. It is embarrassing (perhaps the 
| fear of patent infringement holds the 
| patent office back from modernizing?), but 
| not quite as embarrassing as the fact that 
| the patent office has not done its job of 
| "protecting and promoting innovation" at 
| all for a very long time. Given the number 
| of questionable and obvious patents that it 
| has approved, and its willingness to create 
| massive patent thickets, it has become 
| clear that the patent office has been much 
| more focused on processing patents, not in 
| promoting innovation.


Lessons from 60 years of pharmaceutical innovation

,----[ Quote ]
| He also admits that "in many organizations, 
| short-term priorities encourage marginal 
| innovation, which provides more reliable 
| returns on investment, at the expense of 
| major change." He recognizes, in other 
| words, that the current incentive system 
| rewards the development of me-too drugs 
| over novel therapies. Finally, he admits 
| that alternatives to the traditional patent 
| system, including prizes, may be required 
| to boost R&D productivity.
| Very encouraging words! 


Nokia Defeats IPCom's UK Patent Lawsuit

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia has scored two consecutive victories 
| against German patent license manager IPCom 
| in the U.K, it said on Tuesday.
| On Monday, the U.K. High Court announced 
| that two IPCom patents named in a suit 
| brought by IPCom against Nokia are invalid, 
| and therefore can't be infringed upon, 
| according to Nokia spokesman Mark Durrant. 
| The patents are related to how phones 
| connect to a GSM (Global System for Mobile 
| Communications) network, he said.


Marcus Dapp: Do SW patents hamper motivation and innovation of FOSS developers?



U.S. losing Right Stuff in science, engineering

,----[ Quote ]
| According to a 2010 National Science Board report, the state
| of science and engineering in the U.S. is still good; however, the
| countryâs lead in the number of researchers is being challenged by China.
| Other science and engineering indicators in the U.S. are also being
| challenged by Asian countries.


IBM Fluffs Patent Portfolio with Services Tech

,----[ Quote ]
| For what seems like a zillion years
| running--alright, for the past 17 years
| now--IBM has come out as the top dog in
| the annual rankings of patents granted by
| the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. A
| few years back, the USPTO stopped giving
| out data about patent counts, but market
| researcher IFI Patent Intelligence takes
| the raw patent data and dices and slices
| it like the patent office used to.


USPTO Awards LOL Patent To IBM

,----[ Quote ]
| theodp writes "Among the last batch of
| patents granted in 2009 was one for IBM's
| Resolution of Abbreviated Text in an
| Electronic Communications System. The
| invention of four IBMers addresses the
| hitherto unsolvable problem of translating
| abbreviations to their full meaning â e.g.,
| 'IMHO' means 'In My Humble Opinion' â and
| vice versa. From the patent: 'One
| particularly useful application of the
| invention is to interpret the meaning of
| shorthand terms ... For example, one
| database may define the shorthand term "LOL"
| to mean "laughing out loud."' USPTO records
| indicate the patent filing was made more
| than a year after Big Blue called on the
| industry to stop what it called 'bad
| behavior' by companies who seek patents for
| unoriginal work. Yet another example of what
| USPTO Chief David Kappos called IBM's
| apparent schizophrenia on patent policy back
| when he managed Big Blue's IP portfolio."


IBM Patents Managing Your Patents

,----[ Quote ]
| theodp writes "Before leaving a long IBM career
| last summer to head the USPTO, David Kappos
| managed Big Blue's patent and trademark
| portfolios. Last Tuesday, the USPTO awarded
| U.S. Patent No. 7,630,915 to IBM for its
| inventive method of Managing an Intellectual
| Property Portfolio."

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