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[News] A Look Lubuntu GNU/Linux

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Lubuntu Lucid Lynx Alpha 2 Has Been Released!


Lubuntu Alpha 2 Released; Gets New Bootsplash, Artwork, File Manager

,----[ Quote ]
| The second Alpha of Lubuntu 10.04 has slipped 
| out for testing.
| The main differences from Lubuntu Alpha 1 are 
| minimal, so for a better insight in to Lubuntu 
| I'd recommend referring to our âLubuntu Alpha 
| 1â review.



Lubuntu 10.04 Alpha 1 - Visual Overview

,----[ Quote ]
| Lubuntu combines Ubuntu with the "Lightweight
| X11 Desktop Environment", more commonly known
| as LXDE, which provides a "fast-performing and
| energy-saving" working enviroment for users
| and it perfectly suited to low-power hardware.
| [...]
| Not having had many preconceptions regarding
| LXDE/Lubuntu i found myself presently
| surprised. It was pleasent to look at,
| pleasent to use and although i doubt i would
| switch from GNOME to LXDE it can give
| excellent performance to those who would
| benefit from doing so.
| Were my netbook still alive (needs a new
| charger!) i would have loved to have put
| Lubuntu 10.04 Alpha 1 through its paces on
| more modest hardware. I would be especially
| interested to see how it stacks up against
| Xubuntu 10.04 Alpha 1... but for now i think
| Lubuntu is a very worthy entrant into the
| pantheon of *buntu!


First Lubuntu Test ISOs Available

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday the LXDE community received an announcement on their blog, in
| which developer Mario Behling told the world about the availability of the
| first Lubuntu test images, based on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala). The upcoming
| operating system already proves to be a serious contender to Xubuntu, the
| ISO weighing in at a meager 342 MB. The image is based on the work of David
| Sugar, with added patches by the community.

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