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[News] Protests Against Outrageous Cases of Censorship

  • Subject: [News] Protests Against Outrageous Cases of Censorship
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 04:38:51 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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SoCal school district bans the dictionary

,----[ Quote ]
| Southern California's Menifee Union school 
| district has banned the Merriam Webster's 
| 10th edition from use in fourth and fifth 
| grade classes, over this salacious 
| definition of "oral sex": "oral stimulation 
| of the genitals".


Did Manchester United Ban Players From Using Social Networks... Or Alert People To Fake Accounts?

,----[ Quote ]
| However, the BBC notes that there were 
| three ManU players who were believed to 
| have real Twitter accounts, and all have 
| suddenly disappeared -- which suggests the 
| real issue is that ManU banned players from 
| using social networks to connect with fans. 
| If that's true, it seems incredibly short-
| sighted. Yes, players need to be careful 
| when communicating publicly, but blocking 
| them off entirely doesn't help make fans 
| any more loyal.


Howard Berman Concerned About Internet-Repressive Regimes, Except If They Help His Friends In Hollywood

,----[ Quote ]
| Rep. Howard Berman (who represents 
| Hollywood and is sometimes referred to as 
| "the Representative from Disney" given his 
| longstanding support for any law that 
| increases the scope of copyright law) is 
| apparently speaking out against "repressive 
| internet regimes" such as those in China, 
| while at the very same time being a strong 
| supporter of ACTA which could push for very 
| similar "secondary liability" rules for 
| ISPs in the US that are the foundation of 
| Chinese internet censorship. 


Intro to TOR: how you can be an anti-censorship activist in your sleep

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's a nice little introductory article 
| on TOR, The Onion Router, a privacy-
| enhancing technology that helps you to 
| circumvent national, corporate and school 
| firewalls and enhance your anonymity. 
| Originally developed by the US military to 
| help communications get in and out of 
| countries that heavily filter their 
| networks, TOR is free/open software and is 
| maintained by many volunteers around the 
| world, including the Electronic Frontier 
| Foundation. 


Word-map of net-censorship in China


Are the geeks still beating their chests? 

,----[ Quote ]
| Earlier today my fellow iTWire writer 
| Stephen Withers reported of a campaign to 
| place a "black-out" pop-up page over 500 
| Australian-based web pages in protest 
| against the Federal Government's Internet 
| Filter proposal.
| [...]
| We have to engage in a conversation with 
| the general public, not continue to shout 
| at them.  So, as I started this piece, what 
| will it prove?  The answer unfortunately is 
| very little.



Clinton praised for Internet freedom speech

,----[ Quote ]
| Clinton's announcement that fighting
| Internet censorship would be a top priority
| for the Department of State is welcome news
| for dissidents in Iran, said Ashraf, co-
| founder of AccessNow.org, a group focused
| on providing Internet tools allowing
| freedom of expression.


Polish Internet Users Against the Censorship of the Net

,----[ Quote ]
| Polish government wants to enforce Internet
| filtering to eliminate online gambling and
| child pornography. Everything for the
| benefit of our children, as this is the
| argument which is hard to stay against.
| However, a notable group of Polish lawyers,
| journalists, academics, enterpreneurs,
| politicians and bloggers think otherwise
| and signed a letter (written by myself,
| btw) to President of Poland, Lech
| KaczyÅski, asking him to turn the law down
| (in Polish legal system, president has the
| right to do this, but the parliament can
| then overcome presidentâs opposition if 2/3
| of the delegates vote for it).

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