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[News] Common UNIX/Linux Myths Addressed

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Retraction: Five *nix Myths Busted

,----[ Quote ]
| 2. *nix Systems are More Secure - I love the 
| confident security of *nix systems. They are 
| collectively the most secure systems on the 
| planet. Unlike the MacOS and Windows, that 
| leak like security sieves, *nix systems 
| arrive out of the box in a secure mode. A 
| default install of any *nix system stands as 
| the very picture of a bullet-proof system. 
| The only reason why any *nix system ever gets 
| hacked is because their system administrators 
| are stupid. They're the kind of people who 
| login as root (See #5 above). When you need a 
| system with 100% sterling security, choose 
| *nix, you won't be sorry.



5 ways to misunderstand Free and Open Source Software.

,----[ Quote ]
| 2. Innovation is killed in free software.
| The common perception is that if everyone can
| copy ideas, innovation will be stifled. In fact,
| freedom is often the key to innovative and
| successful software.
|     * Anyone is allowed and encouraged to work
|     upon it;
|     * Many people are willing to participate;
|     * There is no need to re-invent everything,
|     ideas can be improved upon directly.
| Non-proprietary software stands out in many
| areas: consider, to name just a few:
|     * Applications: Firefox (web browser),
|     Inkscape (vector drawing).
|     * Complete systems: Apache (web server),
|     OpenBSD (os), and of course, GNU/Linux.
|     * Formats and protocols: HTML (web pages),
|     BitTorrent (file sharing), ODF (office
|     documents).
|     * Server applications:  Drupal (Content
|     Management System), Wordpress (blog).

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