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[News] New Softpedia Linux Weekly, Irish Times on GNU/Linux

  • Subject: [News] New Softpedia Linux Weekly, Irish Times on GNU/Linux
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 01:51:25 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Softpedia Linux Weekly, Issue 81

,----[ Quote ]
| The following Linux-based operating systems 
| were announced last week: Android-x86 1.6, 
| Linux Mint 8 RC1 KDE Community Edition, Ubuntu 
| Electronics Remix 9.10 and Tiny Core Linux 
| 2.8. In other news: the Ubuntu Manual team 
| needs your help to make the upcoming manual, 
| for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) operating 
| system, better and useful! The weekly ends 
| with the video clip of the week, the latest 
| Linux distributions released/updated and the 
| development releases.


Microscopic virtual machines becoming a reality

,----[ Quote ]
| Virtual machines are the entire state of a 
| computer, frozen into a memory file, and 
| saved. You can run them in the corner of the 
| memory of your PC. Like a picture in a picture 
| or a baby in a womb, a virtual machine is an 
| entire, self-contained image of a computer, 
| running inside your own computer. You can have 
| as many virtual machines running as you want 
| and that your computer can bear. Iâve seen Mac 
| laptops running Windows 7 in one virtual 
| machine, Linux in another. And that Linux 
| image is, itself, running a simulation of the 
| veteran Commodore 64 microcomputer, just to be 
| perverse.



Take note - small is beautiful

,----[ Quote ]
| The other reason netbooks became popular was simple. Linux, a free operating
| system for computers, was cheaper to put on to these devices than Windows,
| for which hefty licences have to be paid to Microsoft by the manufacturer.
| With a free operating system and free software available for simple tasks
| like web browsing, e-mail and word processing, netbooks began to take off a
| couple of years ago. The result has been a threat even to the normal laptop
| market.
| But Linux is not normally a familiar operating system to those who are used
| to the bells and whistles of Windows Vista or Mac OS. Instead, Linux-run
| netbooks run more like appliances and are therefore not really traditional
| personal computers in that they are less personally customisable.


Marketplace for minds and ideas

,----[ Quote ]
| Explaining this is not easy. The ideagora originated in open source computing
| and projects such as Linux, the server operating system. This well-known
| public collaboration resulted in a computer operating system to challenge
| that of the dominant Microsoft.
| But here Tapscott and Wilson's book reveals an ingredient little known to
| non-professional watchers of Linux.
| Computer giant and Microsoft competitor IBM expended huge resources
| supporting Linux development, to the tune of around â1.4 billion by the end
| of 2001. What appears the perfect case study of public collaboration looks
| significantly different on closer inspection.
| Nonetheless, the values of the open source movement - self-organising
| communities that reward contributors with enhanced reputation rather than
| cash - appear to have a strong future in the wider transformation of
| business, in the shape of the ideagora.

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