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[News] Nokia Makes More Rewards for GNU/Linux Developers

  • Subject: [News] Nokia Makes More Rewards for GNU/Linux Developers
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 03:01:12 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Nokia Announces Second Push N900 Developer Contest

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia has announced its second Push N900 
| developer contest meant for developers to push 
| themselves creatively by figuring out creative 
| uses and hacks for the Maemo Linux based Nokia 
| N900.


A PC in your pocket

,----[ Quote ]
| The Nokia N900 smartphone is the first open-
| source handset to use the pioneering Maemo 5 
| software, delivering a PC-like experience on a 
| cellular handset.
| This means you can adapt the phone's software 
| (built on Linux) to integrate many 
| applications such as Facebook, Skype and open-
| source add-ons.



Linux Maemo to be used in high-end Nokia mobiles

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite snapping up Symbian only a matter of days ago, Nokia has revealed
| that in the future it plans to use a Linux-based operating system in its more
| expensive models.


Nokia to use Linux in More Mobile Phones

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia is considering using Linux software on some of its handsets.
| According to vice president Ukko Lappalainen the software would be viable for
| use on its top-of-the-range devices, which currently use Symbian software on
| its mobile phones and Linux maemo with its internet-tablets including the
| N810.


Linux smartphones: Nokia remains the odd one out

,----[ Quote ]
| Ukko Lappalainen, vice president of Nokia's Nseries division, in an interview
| on the sidelines of the Nokia World 2008 conference in Barcelona said "In the
| longer perspective, Linux will become a serious alternative for our high-end
| phones,". In another interview with Reuters news agency Lappalainen also said
| Nokia will continue to develop its own maemo Linux platform: "I don't see
| anything in Android which would make it better than Linux maemo".


Nokia eyes wider use of Linux software in phones

,----[ Quote ]
| The world's biggest mobile phone maker, Nokia, could start to use open-source
| Linux software on its more expensive phone models, a senior company official
| said on Tuesday.


Nokia dismisses Android, eyes Linux for its high-end phones

,----[ Quote ]
| On the day Nokia unveiled the power-packed Nokia N97 in Barcelona, vice
| president at Nokiaâs markets unit Ukko Lappalainen took time to comment on
| the possibility of seeing Linux on more of their phones, as well as the
| open-source Google Android platform.


Android not for Nokia

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia has admitted Linux could take centre stage on future high-end handsets,
| but has dismissed adopting Android.


Home Automation the Nokia Way

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia has opened a home automation project based around a Linux platform.
| They say you will be able to control your home from a browser or tablet or a
| cellphone. Direct to the project page.


Nokia alludes to Linux phone plans

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia may move to Linux for some of its higher end smartphones, a senior
| official was quoted as saying in a Reuters article. Nokia VP Ukko Lappalainen
| was quoted as saying, "In the longer perspective, Linux will become a serious
| alternative for our high-end phones."


Nokia spins open Linux home automation gateway

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia announced a home automation system based on the open source OpenWrt
| Linux distribution. Due in late 2009, the Z-wave wireless radio-equipped
| Nokia Home Control Center will let users remotely control security,
| automation, and energy management applications via their mobile phones, says
| Nokia.


Nokia looks beyond Symbian to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| With a 47.9 percent stake in Symbian, the leading mobile platform that it
| co-founded in 1998 and which today powers some 206 million mobile phones,
| Nokia has long championed it at the expense of rival platforms such as Linux.
| No longer.
| The mobile-phone maker is increasingly selecting Linux for Internet-enabled
| mobile devices, with its CFO declaring of Linux, "It's going to be terribly
| important."



Nokia embraces Ubuntu OS

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokiaâs Internet Tablet devices are set to get a port of the Linux operating
| system Ubuntu, following the release of the latest âHardy Heronâ v8.04 of
| Ubuntu this week.


Nokia does not get it

,----[ Quote ]
| You better start playing by the rules because else the other companies might
| do it faster than Nokia and you will lose the opportunity. Oh: And just as a
| remind: when you go open source, you must play by the rules by honoring the
| license of the software.
| Really, itâs sad to listen to things like this from someone controlling the
| company who owns Trolltech  I am sure that the vice-president of companies
| like Red Hat wouldnât say nonsense like the above. But itâs no surprise
| coming from someone in a company that seems to be absolutely in favor of
| software patents in Europe according to FFII.


Ari Jaaksi of Nokia Wants to Educate the Linux Community

,----[ Quote ]
| But perhaps the community has some education for Jaaksi and Nokia. Jaaksi
| hosted me at a Nokia dinner in 2000, he's a nice guy and has been interested
| in Linux for a long time. But Nokia's barking up the wrong tree this time,
| because Nokia can do everything it wants with DRM, IPR, and SIM locks without
| bothering the Linux developers about it - and both Nokia and the Linux
| developers will like it better that way. It's surprising that Nokia doesn't
| understand that at this late date.

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