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[News] New X2390 Tablet Runs GNU/Linux

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X2390: The tablet has landed

,----[ Quote ]
| Inside the X2390 is an Intel Atom processor 
| Z530 clocked at 1.6GHz running Microsoft 
| Windows XP Embedded, XP Professional or Linux. 



Anything the iPad can do, Linux can do better.

,----[ Quote ]
| The Apple iPad has finally arrived, and,
| as I predicted a while back, it's really
| just a big iPod Touch. That's great. I
| love my iPod Touch. But, really, is there
| anything here that Linux can't do just as
| well for less money?
| [...]
| Besides the Moblin/Atom boxes, you'll also
| see iPad-like tablets using ARM processors
| and Google's Android 2.0 take on Linux
| coming out at about the same time. Android
| 2 vendors, like Motorola with its Droid,
| have always targeted the iPhone. The iPad
| will just be another arena for their
| battle.
| And, last, but by no means least, there's
| Google with its Chrome operating system.
| It's going to take longer to come to the
| market then the others but I can see
| Chrome Linux powered netbooks giving the
| iPad trouble as well as giving the
| traditional desktop market fits.
| All that taken into consideration, I'm
| also still sure that the iPad will be
| wildly popular. Apple products, when Apple
| puts its mind to it, usually are very
| successful... for users who have the money
| for the shiniest new toys. In the longer
| run though I'm willing to bet that
| collectively the Linux-powered
| entertainment tablets will end up having
| more customers.

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