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[News] How Free Software Helps in Economic Meltdown

  • Subject: [News] How Free Software Helps in Economic Meltdown
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 03:20:20 +0000
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Embrace crunchiness: survive the software recession 

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hatâs President and CEO Jim Whitehurst 
| does a âState of the Unionâ blog (which I 
| think should be a mandatory action for all 
| CEOs) during which he talks about the 
| companyâs double-digit growth rates for both 
| revenue and headcount throughout the course of 
| the recession. Open source appears to have 
| thrived in during the downturn (whether we are 
| out of it or not) and I think that might just 
| be because open source likes the going to be 
| crunchy.
| If you had to ascribe the terms âwealth and 
| sogginessâ and âcrunchy and on the edgeâ to a) 
| proprietary software systems and b) open 
| source software â which way round would you 
| put them? See what I mean? Open source is all 
| about survival of the fittest rather than 
| survival of the fattest. Now of course thatâs 
| doing proprietary vendors a huge disservice, 
| but I am trying to make a point.



Open source has survived the recession

,----[ Quote ]
| A TOP New York University anthropologist has
| noted that the open source software culture
| has emerged relatively unscathed from the
| economic downturn.


Recession proofing engineering resources

,----[ Quote ]
| In challenging economic times, how do internal application development teams
| continue to deliver higher quality software and Web applications with fewer
| resources? Unlike in past economic downturns, development teams today have a
| resource they can turn to in order to lower the costs of development,
| maintain high-quality, and decrease cost of ownership for the long run: open
| source software.
| The use of open source, one of the most groundbreaking trends in the software
| industry, is more than just for experimental or for internal-use only. With
| experience in auditing billions of lines of code for Fortune 100 as well as
| start-up companies, Palamida has seen some of the most productive and
| cost-saving use of open source from market leaders across all industries.

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