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[News] Intellectual Monopolies Backlash Goes a Long Way Back

  • Subject: [News] Intellectual Monopolies Backlash Goes a Long Way Back
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 04:06:14 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Copyright Issues Go Back a Long Way

,----[ Quote ]
| Charles Dickens was angry at those American 
| publishers in 1842 when he arrived in 
| Montreal following a trip to the United 
| States.  Stephen Leacock notes in his book 
| Charles Dickens, His Life and Work, that 
| Dickens wrote home:
|     Is it not a horrible thing that 
|     scoundrel booksellers should grow rich 
|     here from publishing books, the authors 
|     of which do not reap one farthing from 
|     their issue by scores of thousands; and 
|     that every vile, blackguard and 
|     detestable newspaper, so filthy and 
|     bestial that no honest man would admit 
|     one into his house for a scullery 
|     doormat, should be able to publish 
|     these same writingsâ?
| In 1880, the copyright issue was still 
| around.  In November, the Literary and 
| Debating Society at the Mechanicsâ 
| Institute of Montreal had this item as a 
| subject of debate: âIs the action of the 
| American Publishers respecting copyright 
| likely to advance literature?â


What Can We Learn from Gift Economies?

,----[ Quote ]
| 3. It seems like a gift economy would be a 
| whole lot easier to operate than a barter 
| economy. Would that advantage be the reason 
| gift economies, rather than barter 
| economies, were so widely adopted 
| historically?


Of Art and Copyright

,----[ Quote ]
| It would be absurd if the amazing 
| possibilities of digitising museum and art 
| collection holdings were squandered because 
| of a short-sighted and misguided obsession 
| with copyright. We need to nip this in the 
| bud, and get some leading institutions to 
| come out in favour of disseminating their 
| holdings in this way. If we don't we've 
| decades of lock-down in front of us, just 
| when things should be available to all.


EU's Gallo Report: Rubbish Recycled

,----[ Quote ]
| I've noted several times an increasingly 
| popular trope of the intellectual 
| monopolists: since counterfeiting is often 
| linked with organised crime, and because 
| counterfeiting and copyright infringement 
| are vaguely similar, it follows as surely 
| as night follows day that copyright 
| infringement is linked with organised 
| crime. 


IFPI Claims That Three Strikes Can Surgically Remove One Family Member From The Internet, But Not The Rest

,----[ Quote ]
| Perhaps the folks at the IFPI don't quite 
| understand how the internet works (or 
| perhaps that's a given) but generally 
| speaking, when you have internet access at 
| your house, you don't set up separate 
| access accounts for every family member... 
| And if others in the family have access, 
| what's to stop the "cut off" one from using 
| the other's access?


What's A Bigger Entitlement Mentality? Demanding Old Business Models Must Remain... Or Liking Free Stuff?

,----[ Quote ]
| Apparently times are hard over at ECN 
| Magazine. Rather than come up with 
| compelling content to draw people in, its 
| Technical Editor decided to pen the mother 
| of all troll-baiting editorials. NSILMike 
| points us to Jason Lomberg's recent rant on 
| The Internet Entitlement Mentality, which I 
| think may set a record for repeating pretty 
| much every long-debunked fallacy about 
| online content and business models, as well 
| as how it describes those folks who 
| actually understand basic economics, and 
| how free works as part of an economic 
| ecosystem.


Neutralize UK File-Sharing Legal Threats â Join TalkTalk

,----[ Quote ]
| This week the condemnation of file-sharing 
| âlegal blackmailâ lawyers ACS:Law has been 
| widespread, with extremely harsh words 
| coming from the countryâs House of Lords. 
| Despite this the law firm are unrepentant 
| and say they will persist with their 
| campaign. It is, however, possible to 
| immunize your family from this growing 
| threat.


Why I Think the Times Charging for Online Access is a Bad Idea, and How I Think They Could and Should Make Money

,----[ Quote ]
| Is it reasonable to question how data, as 
| an unproven but potential revenue source 
| for the New York Times, would compare to 
| the direct monetization scheme currently 
| proposed? Of course. But given that one 
| negatively impacts users, and one does not, 
| I know which one I would try first. Not 
| that they need be mutually exclusive, of 
| course, but I would exhaust all of my 
| options before embarking upon a course of 
| action that might materially and 
| permanently impact my relationship with my 
| customer.


Corporate Copyright Scofflaws 0003

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâve marked some names in blue, and the 
| reason Iâve marked them in blue is that 
| Sound Exchange is supposed to be 
| responsible to musicians, and the names in 
| blue are remoras. For those who donât know 
| what a remora is, itâs a fish which 
| attaches itself to larger marine animals, 
| like sharks or whales to get a free ride. 
| It offers nothing back to the animal is 
| rides, nothing at all, and it couldnât 
| exist without itâs ride.



Is IP another bubble about to burst? A view from another civilization.

,----[ Quote ]
| As a child growing up in India, one of the
| first things I learned is a hymn to
| Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge, which
| says that:
| Wonderful is your gift of knowledge
| the more we share, the more it grows
| the more we hoard it, the more it diminishes
| As a grown-up living in a globalized world,
| I am constantly bombarded by the the term,
| âintellectual property.â Policy makers keep
| saying that India should create more IP.
| Countless seminars extol the virtues of IP
| even as patents are granted for âMethod for
| swinging on a swing,â "Method for Concealing
| Partial Baldness." In the computer industry,
| patents are routinely granted for things
| that are obvious and have been known for
| years. Things have come to such a pass that
| even an industry veteran like Andy Grove was
| forced to say that,  âThe true value of an
| invention is its usefulness to the public.
| Patents themselves have become products.
| They're instruments of investment traded on
| a separate market, often by speculators
| motivated by the highest financial return on
| their investment....
| [...]
| When we look back on our times, we may find
| that the term, "Intellectual Property" has
| taken its place along side another archaic
| term, "Horseless Carriage." Both were
| attempts to impose metaphors of the past on
| the future. And the folly of our times is
| that we treat inexhaustible resources like
| knowledge as finite resource and treat
| finite resources like oil and forests as
| infinite resources. The sooner we turn these
| attitudes around, the better it will be for
| the future of mankind.

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