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[News] [Rival] Union of the Devils: Monsanto and Gates Share Staff

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Union of the Devils: Monsanto and Gates Share Staff
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 04:31:18 +0000
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Gates Foundation = Monsanto 


Gates Foundation = Monsanto

,----[ Quote ]
| Gates Foundations = Monsanto now even more 
| than ever. I should refine that statement. 
| Gates Foundation = in favor of a pro-
| biotech, for-profit, unsustainable, scary, 
| powerful approach to "feeding the world" 
| (a.k.a. lining corporate pockets). And they 
| have many ties to Monsanto including a 
| brand new one. They just filled Rajiv 
| Shah's old job with Sam Dryden.
| [...]
| Sustainability? Crop diversity? Food 
| security? Are they joking? Also note that 
| he's got some Green Revolution credentials 
| in there with his work with CGIAR and the 
| Rockefeller Foundation. Then there's his 
| work with the World Bank and the Council on 
| Foreign Relations. It's not terribly 
| surprising that Gates picked him really. 
| The Gates Foundation just formally joined 
| CGIAR, and Sylvia Mathews Burwell (Dryden's 
| new boss) is on the board of the Council on 
| Foreign Relations. 


Gates Foundation throws its lot with agribusiness, by Tom Philpott 

,----[ Quote ]
| For a while, the Gates Foundation sought to 
| avoid a reputation as a cheerleader for 
| biotech âsolutionsâ to Africaâs agriculture 
| troubles.
| Sure, our nationâs best-funded foundation 
| hired a former Monsanto exec, Rob Horsch, 
| as a program officer. But its official ag-
| development documents (see, for example, 
| this one) brim with statements on the 
| importance of small-scale farmingâa wise 
| idea, given that a majority of Africaâs 
| residents rely on small-scale farming for 
| their sustenance.
| And the foundation lavished some cashâa 
| small amount, relativelyâon appropriate-
| tech, farmer-friendly, ecologically sound 
| initiatives.
| Then Bill Gates himself gave his blunt pro-
| biotech speech in October 2009âwhich I 
| commented on hereâat the awards ceremony of 
| the industrial-ag-friendly World Food 
| Prize.


Gates Foundation Investments Often Don't Jibe With Philanthropic Priorities

,----[ Quote ]
| The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has 
| invested at least $8.7-billion in companies 
| that undercut the organizationâs 
| philanthropic efforts or that engage in 
| socially irresponsible activities, reports 
| the Los Angeles Times, in a two-part 
| article on the grant maker and its 
| investments.


Monsanto's Man in the Obama Administration

,----[ Quote ]
| Michael R. Taylorâs appointment by the 
| Obama administration to the Food and Drug 
| Administration (FDA) on July 7th sparked 
| immediate debate and even outrage among 
| many food and agriculture researchers, NGOs 
| and activists. The Vice President for 
| Public Policy at Monsanto Corp. from 1998 
| until 2001, Taylor exemplifies the 
| revolving door between the food industry 
| and the government agencies that regulate 
| it. He is reviled for shaping and 
| implementing the governmentâs favorable 
| agricultural biotechnology policies during 
| the Clinton administration.
| Yet what has slipped under everyoneâs radar 
| screen is Taylorâs involvement in setting 
| U.S. policy on agricultural assistance in 
| Africa. In collusion with the Rockefeller 
| and Bill and Melinda Gates foundations, 
| Taylor is once again the go-between man for 
| Monsanto and the U.S. government, this time 
| with the goal to open up African markets 
| for genetically-modified (GM) seed and 
| agrochemicals.
| [...]
| The Rockefeller Foundation funded the first 
| Green Revolution in Asia and Latin America 
| in the 1960s, and in 2006, teamed up with 
| the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to 
| launch the Alliance for a Green Revolution 
| in Africa (AGRA). In Taylorâs 2003 paper 
| âAmerican Patent Policy, Biotechnology, and 
| African Agriculture: The Case for Policy 
| Change,â he states: âThe Green Revolution 
| largely bypassed sub-Saharan AfricaâAfrican 
| farmers often face difficult growing 
| conditions, and better access to the basic 
| Green Revolution tools of fertilizer, 
| pesticides, improved seeds, and irrigation 
| certainly can play an important role in 
| improving their productivity.â
| [...]
| The âpenultimate draftâ of Taylorâs 2002 
| paper was reviewed by Dr. Robert Horsch, a 
| Monsanto executive for more than 25 years, 
| who left in 2006 to work at the Bill and 
| Melinda Gates Foundation. It states, âThe 
| ultimate concern of this report is how 
| innovative seed technology derived from 
| patented tools of biotechnology can be 
| developed and disseminated for the benefit 
| of small-scale and subsistence African 
| farmers.â
| [...]
| As it arrived in D.C., the Obama 
| Administration received a report from the 
| Chicago Council on Global Affairs titled 
| âRenewing American Leadership in the Fight 
| Against Hunger and Poverty: The Chicago 
| Initiative on Global Agricultural 
| Development.â The report was funded by the 
| Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and co-
| authored by its senior fellow Catherine 
| Bertini. âThe United States should thus 
| remain willing to support research on all 
| forms of modern crop biotechnology by local 
| scientists in Sub-Saharan Africa,â it 
| reads.
| [...]
| While people have been debating about 
| whether Michael R. Taylor might support 
| labeling of GM foods (as he is aware, a 
| moot point in the U.S. due to widespread 
| contamination by GM pollen), he has been 
| literally writing the book on U.S. 
| agricultural aid to Africa. While the 
| motives, beliefs and interests of Taylor, 
| the Obama administration, the Gates, 
| Rockefellers and everyone in support of a 
| Green Revolution in Africa are debatable, 
| those of Monsanto are not.


Bill Gates talks "free education"

,----[ Quote ]
| It's the difference between "free beer" and 
| "free speech" -- which is a difference that 
| we understand extremely well in our little 
| corner of the world.


"There's free software [gratis, dumpware] and then thereâs 
open source... there is this thing called the GPL, which we disagree with."

                                --Bill Gates, April 2008


Monsoft or Microsanto?

,----[ Quote ]
| Amazingly, David Boies, the lawyer that
| led the attack on Microsoft during that
| investigation, is also invovled: he is
| representing Du Pont, one of Monsanto's
| rivals concerned about the latter's
| monopoly power.
| Let's just hope that Monsanto becomes the
| subject of a full anti-trust action, and
| that the result is more effective than
| that applied to Microsoft. After all,
| we're not talking about software here, but
| the world's food supply, and monopolies -
| both intellectual and otherwise - are
| simply morally indefensible when billions
| of lives are stake.


AP INVESTIGATION: Monsanto seed biz role revealed

,----[ Quote ]
| Confidential contracts detailing Monsanto
| Co.'s business practices reveal how the
| world's biggest seed developer is
| squeezing competitors, controlling smaller
| seed companies and protecting its
| dominance over the multibillion-dollar
| market for genetically altered crops, an
| Associated Press investigation has found.


AP INVESTIGATION: Monsanto seed biz role revealed


How Monsanto owns and manipulates the world's food supply

,----[ Quote ]
| Steve Silberman sends us "A major AP
| expose of how Monsanto uses secret
| licensing agreements for its genetically
| manipulated crops to squeeze smaller seed
| companies, lock out competition, and keep
| food prices high.".


The Gates Foundationâs agriculture program: experimenting or floundering?

,----[ Quote ]
| Hereâs what we know about the Gates
| Foundationâs agriculture program:
|     * Gates believes itâs suggestive that
|     âApart from a few states and small, oil-
|     rich countries, no country has managed a
|     rapid rise from poverty without
|     increasing agricultural productivity. In
|     the poorest countries, agriculture
|     employs a majority of the people.â
|     * This isnât a new argument or an
|     undisputed one. See Peter Timmer on
|     Green Revolution âoptimistsâ vs.
|     âpessimistsâ.
|     * Gatesâs approach is âcomprehensive,â
|     targets âno single, simple solutionâ,
|     and includes farmer training/support,
|     irrigation initiatives, market access
|     initiatives, and funding of agricultural
|     research with a focus on gender
|     empowerment.
|     * This isnât a new approach or a
|     historically successful one. The World
|     Bank has focused on essentially the same
|     set of interventions recently, with
|     unclear results, and the previous
|     âholisticâ approach of âIntegrated Rural
|     Developmentâ is widely considered to
|     have failed. Details at our overview of
|     agriculture aid.
| In other words, the Gates Foundation
| approach â as described â appears to be
| neither a continuation of things that have
| worked before nor a fundamentally new
| approach to the problem. So what might be
| different this time around?


Kenya: Gates Foundation and Monsanto to Develop Genetically
Modified Seeds for Small Farmers

,----[ Quote ]
| Many of the emotionally charged headlines
| that drive Africaâs food security debate
| are intricately connected to the critical
| and complex Kenyan seed industry: Kenya is
| the second largest seed consumer in sub-
| Saharan Africa, and a key driver of
| agricultural research on the continent. For
| decades, donors and private interests have
| been funneling millions of dollars into the
| Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
| (KARI), in an effort to develop new plant
| varieties that can repel pests, withstand
| disease and produce higher yields.
| KARI is now one of the main partners in a
| new programme funded by the Gates
| Foundation that will attempt to develop
| genetically modified (GM) maize that can
| withstand drought. The plan is to
| distribute the seeds to small farmers in
| Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania
| and Uganda. The technology is coming from
| Monsanto, the American corporate seed giant
| that does a lot of work for the Gates
| Foundation in Africa. Normally Monsantoâs
| patented seeds come at a high price, which
| has inspired an endless stream of vitriol
| from activists who accuse the company of
| exploiting poor farmers for obscene
| profits. This time, farmers will receive
| the seeds royalty free â indefinitely â as
| part of Gatesâ push for a âgreen
| revolutionâ in Africa.


Kenya: Gates Foundation and Monsanto to develop GM seeds for small farmers


Hunger, Hypocrisy And The U.N.

,----[ Quote ]
| This is hypocrisy of the vilest sort. In
| fact, U.N. agencies, programs and policies
| themselves have prevented farmers in the
| developing world from obtaining the tools
| they need to become more productive. That
| gets us back to Bill Gates and his big
| plans: His choice last year of former U.N.
| Secretary General Kofi Annan to head a new
| group intended to achieve a "green
| revolution" in African agriculture, the
| Alliance for a Green Revolution--established
| with an initial $150 million grant from the
| Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the
| Rockefeller Foundation--was
| incomprehensible. If past performance is any
| indication, the only things likely to become
| greener are the numbered bank accounts of
| Annan and his cronies.


Chinese copy of the Gates Foundation

,----[ Quote ]
| Monday the papers were all asplash with
| announcements that there would be a Chinese
| copy of the Gates Foundation. Now it appears
| that the celebration might have been premature.
| Perhaps New Huadu is a perfect imitator, as
| Microsoft also engaged in illegal activities
| before the Gates Foundation emerged.


Chinese innovation and the Gates Foundation

,----[ Quote ]
| If this is how the Gates Foundation tries to
| support innovation in China it is not trying
| very hard. China has lots of new tech talent
| educated in the US. If the environment is right
| in the next twenty years there will be lots of
| innovation. But are small timebound grants the
| way to support it?


Unions, Bill Gates pump last-minute cash against Wash. ballot issue slowing gov't growth

,----[ Quote ]
| National labor unions and Microsoft Corp. co-
| founder Bill Gates are among the donors who
| have poured nearly $1.5 million of last-minute
| cash into the campaign against Initiative 1033,
| a ballot measure that would slow the growth of
| state and local governments.


Gates Foundation program advisory panel member speaks out on war and security


Is the Gates Foundation listening?

,----[ Quote ]
| Gates Keepers thinks there will be no Gates
| Foundation grants for Reganold or Herren
| forthcoming.
| Isn't it governance that is lacking for the
| Green Revolution in Africa? Does blaming people
| who question genetically modified plants help?
| Heim is asking the right questions of the right
| people. Is the Foundation listening?


Will Bill Gates Come to the Rescue of Journalists?

,----[ Quote ]
| Online news site Crosscut's announcement
| yesterday of a $100,000 grant from the Bill and
| Melinda Gates Foundation surely raised some
| hopes in the tumultuous world of journalism. Is
| Bill Gates waking up to the havoc caused by the
| digital technology he has unleashed? Will his
| enormously deep-pocketed philanthropy come to
| the rescue of a profession--and means of
| informing that the public-- that threatens to
| disappear? Can the New York Times expect a
| bailout next?


Vanessa Mazal talks about how the Gates Foundation is getting into the media

,----[ Quote ]
| This is frightening. She tries to simplify
| media development and media for development but
| in the end it all sounds manipulative ... like
| our strings are being pulled by the Gates
| Foundation.


Former Gates Foundation CEO's new employer gets a big grant from the Gates Foundation


Does the Gates Foundation support circumcision coercion?


Monsanto: Making Microsoft Look Good

,----[ Quote ]
| Do genetically-modified seeds bring
| increased productivity? There seem doubts;
| but even assuming it's true, Gates sets up a
| false dichotomy: one reason GMO seeds aren't
| sustainable is because they are patented.
| That is, farmers must buy them year after
| year, and can't produce their own seeds.
| It's a situation that's relatively easy to
| solve: make GMOs patent-free; do not place
| restrictions on their use; let farmers do
| what farmers have done for millennia.
| And look, there you have it, potentially: productivity and
| sustainability. But we won't get that, not because the idealistic
| environmentalist are blocking it, but because the seed industry
| wants farmers dependent on their technology, not liberated
| by it. It is sheer hypocrisy for a fan of patents to
| accuse environmentalists of being the obstacle to
| productivity and sustainability: that would be the
| industrial model of dependence, enforced by
| intellectual monopolies, and espoused by big
| companies like Monsanto, the Microsoft of
| plant software.


No Patents on Seeds...or We're Really Stuffed

,----[ Quote ]
| Good to see that I'm not a lone voice crying
| in the wilderness:
|     The continuing patenting of seeds,
|     conventional plant varieties and animal
|     species leads to far-reaching
|     expropriations of farmers and breeders:
|     farmers are deprived of their rights to
|     save their seeds, and breeders are under
|     strong limitations to use the patented
|     seeds freely for further breeding. The
|     patent holder controlls the sale of the
|     seeds and the planting, decides about
|     the use of herbicides and can even
|     collect royalties at the harvest â up to
|     the finished food product.
|     Our food security is increasingly
|     dependent on a few transnational
|     chemical and biotechnological companies.
|     The European Patent Office (EPO) has
|     continuasly broadened the scope of
|     patentability and undermined existing
|     restrictions, in the interest of
|     multinational companies.
| [..]
| This exactly parallels the situation with
| software patents, where the EPO is using
| every trick in the book to approve them;
| except it's even worse.



Dark cloud over good works of Gates Found


Gates Foundation Revokes Pledge to Review Portfolio

,----[ Quote ]
| ...the Gates Foundation took down their public statement on this
| and replaced it with a significantly altered version which seems to
| say that investing responsibly would just be too complex for them
| and that they need to focus on their core mission: 'There are
| dozens of factors that could be considered, almost all of which
| are outside the foundation's areas of expertise. The issues
| involved are quite complex...


Gates Foundationâs Influence Criticized

,----[ Quote ]
| The chief of malaria for the World Health Organization has complained that
| the growing dominance of malaria research by the Bill and Melinda Gates
| Foundation risks stifling a diversity of views among scientists and wiping
| out the world health agencyâs policy-making function.


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation- Truth Revealed


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation- Truth Revealed Part 2

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