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[News] [Rival] Apple is Accused of Attacking Standards

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Apple is Accused of Attacking Standards
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 04:43:14 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Back to the Past: Apple becomes more closed with each new device 

,----[ Quote ]
| But over the past ten years, since the 
| introduction of the iPod, iPhone, and now 
| the iPad, Apple is becoming less and less 
| open, it using fewer standard components 
| and chips, and far fewer Internet 
| technologies common to Mac/PC desktop and 
| laptop systems.
| The iPhone and iPad, for example, doesn't 
| support common Internet platforms such as 
| Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight. That 
| means you cannot watch streaming video from 
| Hulu, or Netflix.
| And while iPhone chips are available from 
| other manufacturers, the iPad runs only on 
| the A4 processor -- an Apple designed chip 
| that no one else can buy.


"iWork on #iPad still doesn't support ODF #fail"


The Case against the iPad

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple is fighting against powerful and 
| fundamental economic forces. In the short 
| term, Appleâs technological and industrial 
| design prowess can help to prop up dying 
| business models. But before too long, the 
| force of economic gravity will push the 
| price of content down to its marginal cost 
| of zero. And when it does, the walls of 
| Appleâs garden will feel a lot more 
| confining. If âtabletsâ are the future, 
| which is far from clear, Iâd rather wait 
| for a device that gives me full freedom to 
| run the applications and display the 
| content of my choice.
| Update: I guess Iâve been brainwashed by my 
| iPhone not to notice this, but the other 
| glaring flaw, as this post explains, is the 
| lack of standard ports. The net effect of 
| this is, again, to give Apple complete 
| control over the platformâs evolution, 
| because the only way to interact with the 
| thing is through the proprietary dock 
| connector. Again, this made a certain 
| amount of sense on the iPhone, where space, 
| weight, and ergonomics are at a premium. 
| But itâs totally unacceptable for a device 
| that aims to largely displace my laptop. 
| Hell, even most video game consoles have 
| USB ports.


Apple Cult site:

iPad Shredded for DRM Restrictions


Dave Rosenberg, a Mac enthusiast, calls it "important but disappointing":

Oracle and Apple shift the hardware game


Apple iPad: 'Oversized iPhone' for some, 'iVolutionary' for others

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