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[News] Novell's CTO Quits, Praises Software Patents, Community Manager Quits Too as Microsoft Stops Coupons

  • Subject: [News] Novell's CTO Quits, Praises Software Patents, Community Manager Quits Too as Microsoft Stops Coupons
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 02 Feb 2010 11:22:28 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Looking BackwardsâLooking Forwards


Novell - Software Patents = Success

,----[ Quote ]
| I find it hilarious and interesting that 
| Novell considers a large number of software 
| patents as a good thing. It seems to use 
| this as a measure of their success. This is 
| against the community belief that software 
| patents are bad and immoral. This is a 
| dangerous idea when you consider how much 
| free and open source software is written by 
| Novell. How much software could they force 
| us not to use because of patents?


The Innovative People of Novell

,----[ Quote ]
|     Inventive people who write more 
|     software patents per capita than 
|     anywhere else.ï
| Software patents: A Novell metric for 
| success.


Well, maybe they can make Microsoft MVP de Icaza the new CTO... would
be a good fit foe Novell...

Microsoft exhausts coupons for SUSE Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has distributed nearly all of the 
| US$240 million worth of SUSE Linux 
| Enterprise Server subscription certificates 
| that it purchased from Novell as part of a 
| 2006 patent indemnification pact, the 
| companies said.
| [...]
| Controversy surrounding the indemnification 
| agreement inspired a provision in the GNU 
| General Public License v3 that bars similar 
| patent agreements going forward.
| "Generally speaking, most software 
| companies have attacked each other with 
| patents; software patents are quite a drain 
| on productivity of the software industry in 
| this regard," said Bradley Kuhn, a policy 
| analyst and tech director at the Software 
| Freedom Law Center, which provides legal 
| services to Linux companies.
| "But I am not readily aware of anything 
| specific between Novell and Microsoft 
| before their deal. If it was a large enough 
| dispute that it made it to court, the court 
| records would presumably show if there 
| was."


Wanted: Community Manager

,----[ Quote ]
| Brockmeier has done a pretty good job while 
| at Novell, coordinating the community and 
| marketing efforts around the popular 
| openSUSE distro. It goes without saying 
| that getting him on board lent a lot of 
| legitimacy to Novell's business deal with 
| Microsoft in 2006. Brockmeier has a lot of 
| respect in the community, so when he calmly 
| explained why Novell hadn't made a deal 
| with the devil, people listened.
| I personally did not like Novell's decision 
| to partner with Microsoft--in particular 
| the patent protection agreement that 
| prompted a knee-jerk response from the free 
| software community to change GPL v3 during 
| its draft phase. At the time, I voiced the 
| opinion that if Microsoft wanted to have 
| integration so badly, it could do it 
| without patent cooperation agreements.
| [...]
| It will be interesting to see who lands in 
| the now-open Community Manager spot at 
| Novell. Those are going to be some big 
| shoes to fill.


Constant Zonker

,----[ Quote ]
| I was mildly interested to see if Joe 
| âZonkerâ Brockmeier would continue  to 
| spread his special brand of so-close-to-a-
| lie-why-not-just-call-it-that distortions 
| once he left Novell. Well, now we have an 
| answer:
| Yes.
| And â brace yourself for a shock here â he 
| is targeting the FSF. Again.  This time 
| around, though we are treated to simple 
| poor reason instead of the previous gross 
| misrepresentations of Monsieurs Stallman 
| and Moglen.



So long and thanks for all the Geekos!

,----[ Quote ]
| January 31st will be my last day with Novell.
| I've given it a great deal of thought, and
| decided that it's time to move on.


Novell and Microsoft cut out the GPL cancer from open-source Silverlight

,----[ Quote ]
| To say that Microsoft and Novell have a muddy
| history when it comes to open-source projects
| and the GPL would be an understatement.
| Things were looking up, with the release of
| the open-source implementation of
| Silverlight, Moonlight 2, last week, but
| today things took a turn for the worse:
| Novell has just cut all the open source code
| from MonoDevelop.
| The implications of this aren't immediately
| clear, nor can we be certain of what Novell
| and the Mono development team have in store
| for us. All we know is that Novell has
| decided to lock Moonlight development up in a
| stricter, more-commercial LGPLv2 and MIT X11
| license: generally it's a bad thing when free
| things become non-free.

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