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[News] Judges Ignore Intellectual Monopolies

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Dutch Judges Plagiarize, Potentially Infringe, Blog Post In Decision About Copyright

,----[ Quote ]
| What makes it even worse, of course, is 
| that the quoted/plagiarized/infringing bit 
| might not even be accurate. As we 
| discussed in our own post on the subject, 
| there appears to be significant 
| disagreement over whether or not embedding 
| authorized content could be seen as 
| infringing -- and apparently, there is a 
| widespread debate about it in Dutch legal 
| circles as well, saying that it is far 
| from readily agreed upon in the legal 
| literature.


Labels: Lower Music Prices And Increase Your Profits, Study Says

,----[ Quote ]
| Anyone who still remembers the basic 
| principle of Economics 101 understands, on 
| a gut level, one big problem with recorded 
| music: It costs too much.


News.com Prevents Falsely Accused Grandmother Of Getting Kicked Off The Internet By The MPAA

,----[ Quote ]
| Greg Sandoval, over at News.com recently 
| came across a grandmother who was falsely 
| accused multiple times of file sharing, 
| and her ISP, Qwest, was threatening to 
| kick her off the internet. We had not 
| heard that Qwest had signed on with a 
| "three strikes" program, so it's a bit of 
| news that it's one of the companies who 
| will accept bogus accusations. Not only 
| that, but Qwest even told her that no 
| other provider would grant her service 
| because Qwest would let those other 
| service providers "know her name and what 
| she did." Thanks, Qwest! 


David Fincher on copyright clearances


Authors: Don't Make the Buddy Holly Mistake

,----[ Quote ]
| Listening to Holly pleading with the 
| masters he has alienated his rights to is 
| heartbreaking. Decca had dropped him, 
| apparently, but had the rights to sit on 
| his recordings for 5 years. Although they 
| had no intention of releasing the songs, 
| they also would not give Holly permission 
| to do so--the cigar-chomping executive 
| kept saying "well, we got a lot of money 
| tied up in them, Buddy!" But Holly offered 
| to reimburse those costs; no dice. 


Copyright, companies, individuals and news: the rules of the road

,----[ Quote ]
| On 5 January, the Independent's website 
| ran a photo uploaded to the Flickr image-
| sharing site by user Peter Zabulis. 
| Zabulis flagged his photo of a snowed-over 
| field as "all rights reserved," and he 
| took exception to the Independent's use of 
| the image without permission, and he wrote 
| to them to tell them so.
| Exception turned to outrage as a terse 
| note from the Independent claimed that by 
| posting the photo to Flickr, Zabulis had 
| not asserted his copyright (whatever that 
| means) and thus copyright had not been 
| breached. 

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