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[News] GNU/Linux a Little Bit "Too" Easy

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Linux made me feel dumb.

,----[ Quote ]
| It's true. Linux made me feel dumb. It is 
| not a nice feeling to feel dumb yet I did. 
| Me, the great Locutus who prides himself on 
| his technical wizardry and knowledge of all 
| things involving electrons, had to resort 
| to calling a help desk to solve a problem. 
| The solution of which produced a Homer 
| Simpson style DOH! and the aforementioned 
| dumb feeling.
| It happened like this. Recently our online 
| banking authentication procedures changed. 
| For the better I might add. While these 
| security measures are far more secure they 
| also prevented me from accessing our joint 
| bank account whenever I wished. The end 
| result was that I didn't check the account 
| status often enough and an automatic 
| payment didn't go through. Enough was 
| enough I shouted out the window at two 
| o'clock in the morning. After dodging a few 
| smelly shoes and empty beer bottles I 
| decided to set up my wifes phone to enable 
| it to use the new security measures.
| [...]
| Thank you Linux for making me feel dumb. 
| Thank you Linux for making me forget about 
| that rebooting thing. Thank you Linux for 
| being such a wonderful operating system 
| even though you have your quirks and 
| foibles. Next time I will try and remember 
| to reboot after making configuration 
| changes on anything that does not run 
| Linux.


Linux Adaptation - The Backdoor Method

,----[ Quote ]
| "Him and that tall guy are brothers and 
| they work in Asset Development here.  We 
| had a meeting Monday and I noticed that 
| both of them were using Linux on their 
| laptops.  He was showing me how easy it 
| was."
| I just smiled to myself and told him he 
| needed to bring more of the female staff on 
| the next boys night out.  He said he would.
| Sometimes the direct sell method isn't the 
| best way to close the deal.
| How do you think the whole "play hard to 
| get" thing got traction throughout the 
| years?
| That method is successful in any number of 
| applications. 



Linux for grandma & grandpa

,----[ Quote ]
| And thinking of practical, once Grandpa has a
| Linux desktop, you'll be able to spend your
| weekend with him watching football instead of
| updating his AVG or cleaning out malware. I
| don't know about you, but I know which way I
| prefer to spend my weekends!



Linux for your grandmother?

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâm going with Kubuntu (my favorite desktop) although Opensuse is really nice
| for newbies to understand. Also, if you are going to try this project please
| use the OpenDNS servers for DNS so kids donât end up on the wrong sites.

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