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[News] Elive 2.0 Almost Reached, Ulteo Milestone Imminent

  • Subject: [News] Elive 2.0 Almost Reached, Ulteo Milestone Imminent
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2010 09:53:45 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Elive 2.0 Gets Closer Every Day

,----[ Quote ]
| The developers behind the Elive project cooked 
| yet another unstable release of their Elive 
| Live CD Linux distribution, now at version 
| 1.9.60. Being powered by Debian, the 
| Enlightenment E17 desktop environment and 
| Linux kernel 2.6.30, the newly released Elive 
| 1.9.60 offers a new driver for CD-ROMs, the 
| ability to configure your touchpad and some 
| other goodies. With this version, Elive gets 
| closer and closer to a final and stable 
| release: "We are very close to the next stable 
| version of Elive 2.0! These are the last 
| development versions coming so you are more 
| than welcome to report bugs NOW! If you are an 
| Elive-translator this is the moment to finish 
| all the remaining Messages to be translated. 
| Thank you!" - was stated in the official 
| release announcement.


Linux, Windows or both? Doesn't matter to virtual desktop vendor Ulteo

,----[ Quote ]
| Ulteo is poised to offer commercial support 
| for its free virtual desktop infrastructure 
| (VDI) software, which the open-source start-up 
| says will cost companies a fraction of 
| established offerings from Citrix Systems 
| Inc., Microsoft Corp. and VMware Inc., while 
| offering, in some cases, more choice in 
| platforms.



Ulteo expands open source virtual desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Ulteo is out with a new release of its open virtual desktop (OVD) today that
| now enables Windows as well as Linux applications.


Introducing Ulteo: your virtual Linux desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| It has been two years since Linux Format magazine last reported on Ulteo.
| Back then, we all thought it was going to be a standard new Linux
| distribution created by GaÃl Duval, the founder of Mandrake Linux.


Ulteo Adds Open Virtual Desktop to Browser App Repertoire

,----[ Quote ]
| Ulteo is an interesting company. Started by former MandrakeSoft developer
| Gael Duval, the company aims to make using your computer easier, regardless
| of whether you're using your computer. The company focuses on the development
| and delivery of open source web applications and storage.


Mandrake Linux Founder Back, Virtually

,----[ Quote ]
| Why the founder of Mandriva Linux is back in the saddle at new open source
| startup that offers virtual desktops.


Mandrake Linux founder offering Open Virtual Desktop Solution for the

,----[ Quote ]
| Ulteo stresses that its solution will simplify the management and support of
| end user desktops and applications and make for an open, collaborative, and
| fully mobile virtual environment.


Ulteo offers server based computing solution for Linux desktops, apps

,----[ Quote ]
| Ulteoâs online open source desktop offering has been available for one year
| and the company claims to have delivered 140,000 user sessions to date.


Ulteo unveils the first Open Source virtual desktop, providing businesses with
quicker, cheaper deployment and easier applications management


Open Virtual Desktop


Ulteo unveils the first Open Source virtual desktop, providing businesses with
quicker, cheaper deployment and easier applications management

,----[ Quote ]
| Following its commitment to desktop virtualization solutions, Ulteo, an Open
| Virtual Desktop Infrastructure company, announced today that they were
| releasing the first installable version of their Open Virtual Desktop
| solution for enterprises. Delivering faster deployment times and ease of
| management for the IT department, this first release can be integrated easily
| into an existing professional Linux or Windows IT environment. The solution
| can be up and running in a few minutes, delivering rich desktop applications
| to corporate users.


Running a GNU/Linux desktop on the web with Ulteo

,----[ Quote ]
| Ulteo is a brave, innovative, useful and interesting concept. It may be
| unique in terms of the feature mix but it is possible to put together
| individual packages to mimic them. For the power user who is familiar with
| protocols and the command line this is meat and drink but for the average
| user Ulteo packages them altogether in one easy GUI via a web browser. There
| is of course always a danger that in striving to be a jack of all trades you
| end up being the master of none but I think that Ulteo has done enough, even
| at this relatively early stage, to merit inclusion in every userâs toolkit. I
| will certainly be watching it with interest for future developments.


Ulteo Virtual Desktop: Letting Linux Do Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| While Test Center reviewers with Linux knowledge didn't really see the
| usefulness of the application, others with limited familiarity were wowed by
| it. The biggest value of the Ulteo Virtual Desktop is in letting newcomers to
| Linux get acquainted with it in a comfortable, Windows environment. All of
| the included applications are integrated seamlessly, with easy access to the
| Desktop and My Documents folders, as well as network connectivity. Similar to
| the KDE layout, the Ulteo Virtual Desktop's interface is easy to navigate and
| the included array of graphics viewers and editors, multimedia players,
| office-based programs, and utilities are intuitive to those unfamiliar with
| them. Mozilla's FireFox Web browser and ThunderBird mail client are the
| default, as is the Kopete IM client.
| Considering that this is not even a version 1 beta, we have high hopes for
| Ulteo Virtual Desktop. It allows Linux novices to dip their toes into the
| water without any fear, and lets Linux pros use their favorite applications
| when they are forced to be in a Windows environment.


Run Native Linux Applications in Windows Vista - Via Ulteo Virtual Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Binaries tailored specifically to the open source Linux operating system can
| coexist on the same desktop with Windows Vista and Windows XP programs via
| Ulteo Virtual Desktop. Essentially, the
| promise of the Ulteo Virtual Desktop is to deliver Linux applications on
| Windows via the Ulteo panel. The virtualized environment will permit end
| users to run native Linux solutions right on the Windows Vista desktop, and
| integration complete down to the level of sharing the Windows Aero graphical
| user interface.


Flipping the Linux switch: Switching, literally, with Ulteo Virtual Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Like andLinux, Ulteo's Virtual Desktop (often referred to with the rather
| misfortunate name UlteoVD) runs off a coLinux base. There is no
| virtualization software involved. But we'd especially recommend UlteoVD for
| those pondering whether a Linux switch could work for them, for a number of
| reasons.We'd recommend UlteoVD first to people who are currently using or
| could see themselves using their previous services. Ulteo started by offering
| OpenOffice.org in a browser, coupled with syncing services. Nice, for sure.
| They then offered an installable Ulteo disk, which felt a lot like Ubuntu in
| many ways, with the noticeable difference of automatic updates (as in, no
| user interaction) and syncing with the browser based services.


Ulteo â My digital life made simple

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, after two years, there is a successive release of the Ulteo
| distribution. The purpose of the Beta1 Ulteo Application System is to feature
| what it can develop into in the nearest future, especially considering the
| Ulteo Online Desktop.


Ulteo Application System Beta 1 - the FOSSwire review

,----[ Quote ]
| Ulteo is no ordinary Linux distribution. It demonstrates incredible
| innovation.
| It is clear that in the future, we wonât use computers anything like we do
| now. More and more data will be moved away from specific client devices, like
| the PC, and be put on a server somewhere. It will be networks and
| infrastructure that then connect each client device to the data.
| Wherever you are, whatever device youâre using, youâll be able to access your
| data and keep it fully synchronised with everything else.
| Ulteo doesnât do all this yet, itâs not even close. But Ulteo takes an
| important step towards this goal, and demonstrates how this might be
| possible, perhaps giving a little window into what could happen in the
| future.
| It is an extremely promising proof of concept that this just might be able to
| work and I will continue to follow the Ulteo project with keen interest.

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