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[News] Nokia's Linux Platform in Review

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Mobile computing redefined - Flirting with the Nokia N900

,----[ Quote ]
| For text input, it has a full slide-out QWERTY 
| keypad as well as a virtual keypad and hidden 
| stylus, if needed. The N900 runs on Nokia's 
| latest Maemo5 OS, which is a Linux-based 
| platform with 80 per cent open-source 
| software, which means the N900 was built with 
| software developers in mind.


Maemo is like a PC in your pocket, but it cries out for a mouse

,----[ Quote ]
| Maemo runs a variant of Debian Linux, but not 
| in the way that Android is Linux. If we equate 
| Linux to a person, then Debian (and Ubuntu) 
| desktop Linux and Maemo are more like cousins, 
| like different races sharing the same DNA 
| structure. Debian and Android, however, are 
| more like the 99.5 percent similarity between 
| man and chimpanzee. Which one has the extra 
| 0.05 percent of DNA is up to debate. To 
| complete the analogy, iPhone and Windows 
| Mobile would be aliens who have the same 
| general bipedal build but are not related to 
| us at all.



Review: Nokia N900

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia's N900 is a Linux-based mobile device with a number of
| advanced features, including application multi-tasking,
| uilt-in VoIP support, stereo speakers, graphics acceleration,
| video output to a TV, and more.


OpenOffice.org and the Gimp on the N900

,----[ Quote ]
| I have had my N900 for about one month now.
| During that time I have enjoyed several
| âWow!â moments. For example, being able to
| use the web just as if I was onha my
| desktop, including heavy javascript and
| flash sites such as Google Maps, Google
| Docs, GMail, Photobucket, etc. was amazing
| to me. Being a Linux user for many years, I
| really enjoy having access to a terminal
| application with access to root and to
| tools like the vi text editor. Being able
| to use Python to develop right on the
| device and to be able to use my own old
| Python programs, such as 7Squeeze, gave me
| that very warm feeling of validation. But,
| the N900 had one more big Wow! moment in
| store for me, one that I truly did not
| expect.


Nokia announces bugfix release for Qt and beta version of Qt for Maemo

,----[ Quote ]
| The first bugfix release for version 4.6 of
| Qt GUI toolkit, acquired by Nokia in 2008,
| is now available. Similarly, an update for
| the cross-platform Qt Creator development
| environment, version 1.3.1, is also
| available to download. Both combine
| numerous fixes with performance
| enhancements and revised documentation. Qt
| 4.6.1 contains more than 90 changes, whilst
| debugging (especially under Mac OS X 10.6
| 'Snow Leopard') and the C++ editor have
| both been revised in Qt Creator. Both
| technologies are available on the Qt
| project's Git resource under the open
| source LGPL 2.1 license.


Nokia N900 Already Available at Carphone Warehouse

,----[ Quote ]
| Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia launched
| during the ongoing year its first handset
| running under the Maemo 5 operating system,
| the Nokia N900, a phone that is expected to
| arrive on the UK market as soon as January 14
| is here. However, enthusiasts in the UK won't
| have to wait until then to grab one of these
| beauties, as the handset has been already put
| on sale via Carphone Warehouse, though a
| contract agreement with Vodafone is still
| required.


Snowtter â Snowflakes + Twitter on Nokia N900

,----[ Quote ]
| Got a Nokia N900 Maemo device ? You can watch
| the updates in your Twitter timeline drop onto
| your screen as snow flakes.


Nokia N900 Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia N900 is the final product which opens up a
| new path for the Finnish smartphone producer.
| After Google, which launched its new open source
| operating system for mobile phones, Nokia raised
| the stakes a few months later with its own
| vision, which is called Maemo. Android OS, as
| well as Maemo are both based on the well-known
| Linux platform, but they are pretty much
| different because they are the results of two
| different working teams. Before getting into
| more in-depth information, do not overlook the
| fact that we will be reviewing an Internet
| tablet, with some limited phone capabilities.


Nokia N900 review

,----[ Quote ]
| The N900 is Nokiaâs most hyped phone this year,
| running on the Linux-based Maemo OS. Does it
| show that Symbian should be scrapped or is it
| just another touch screen disappointment? We
| review the N900 to find out.
| Nokiaâs recent news that it may make the move
| from Symbian to Maemo for all its smartphones
| wonât come as a disappointment to those who
| have been tut tutting over Symbianâs antiquated
| S60 OS.


Firefox for Mobile RC - Nokia N900 just got better.

,----[ Quote ]
| The aim of the Firefox for Mobile is to
| replicate - in a mobile environment- the
| same user experience of Firefox on the PC.
| With the list of impressive features that
| have been pumped into the mobile version, I
| think Mozilla is on its way to achieving
| that goal.

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