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[News] Hardware Companies Push Free Software

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Open Source Mainstream Begins to Flow Through IBM i Land

,----[ Quote ]
| So when does open source software become 
| mainstream in IBM Power Systems i 
| environments? It's fair to say that mainstream 
| is not even close to an accurate description 
| today. But don't think it's disappearing from 
| the radar screen. More people are discovering 
| open source software, and you should expect 
| this frontier to be well traveled sooner 
| rather than later. Larry Augustin, chief 
| executive officer at SugarCRM and open source 
| frontiersman, uses the term "safe bet" to 
| describe enterprise open source software at 
| the dawn of 2010.


Texas Memory delivers PCIe flash for open source community 

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source drivers are a by-product of the 
| design philosophy behind the RamSan PCIe SSD 
| family. The core functionality of the RamSan 
| PCIe card is in the hardware itself versus 
| other PCIe designs where the driver does most 
| of the work. This thin driver offers a simple 
| control paradigm and is easy to port and 
| manipulate as open source. It offers little 
| burden to the host system and creates a nice 
| division of labor between the host and the 
| device allowing the host system to operate to 
| its maximum potential.



Texas Memory Systems Delivers Fastest PCIe Flash for Open Source Community

,----[ Quote ]
| RamSan-20 open source drivers for Linux and
| Solaris are now available to provide
| economical, high performance PCIe Flash
| storage.


ABI's Jeffrey Orr on rising Linux netbook sales

,----[ Quote ]
| After ABI Research projected that Linux
| will take a 32 percent share of netbooks in
| 2009 and wo;; overtake Windows in 2013, we
| spoke with ABI analyst Jeffrey Orr on the
| findings. Orr notes the rise of
| international consumers and ARM Cortex-A8-
| based netbooks, and discusses Ubuntu,
| Moblin, Android, and Chrome OS.

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