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Re: [News] A Look at New GNU/Linux Distribution Stali, Other Lights One Like Linux2u and Puppy Linux

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____/ JeffM on Wednesday 03 Feb 2010 19:48 : \____
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Stali
>>|Suckless has often delivered outstanding software,
> I love the name of that outfit.
> The Christopher Guest line in the blog name is cool too.
> From the blog post and its comments:
> :According to an Arch forum thread
> :this distro will also replace large parts of the GNU userland
> :with BSD counterparts (Ksh instead of Bash etc).
> :
> :The current rsync repo shows a lot of BSD software, but
> :also shows that Stali is not production ready by any means.
>> My Dream Light Weight Linux : Linux2u
>>|I am thinking of using a light weight powerful Distro
>>|that comes in 250MB size.
> So, it's strictly a thought experiment at this point.

Yes, but it's also the first time I see it mentioned.

> From the blog post:
> :Presentation
> :* I am worried no alternative available right now
> :
> He mentions OpenOffice several times (in negative contexts)
> but apparently doesn't realize that you can do a Custom install
> and include ONLY those modules you want/need (Impress).
>> Puppy Linux: Your new best friend
>> Switching to Linux with Puppy
> Using Puppy on removable bootable media
> doesn't seem so bad (though there are several distros
> that seem more apt for the kinds of stuff you'd do like that)
> but with the Everybody-runs-as-root thing with Puppy,
> I can't imagine anyone installing that distro to a hard drive.

They say the same thing about Vista :-)

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