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[News] GNU Counters Windows, BSD Powers OS X

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Windows 7 Sins now in 9 languages!  Windows 7 Sins now in 9 languages! 

,----[ Quote ]
| Our campaign for computer user freedom, 
| Windows 7 Sins, now has 6 language 
| translations available with several more on 
| the way.


Health Check: FreeBSD - "The unknown giant"

,----[ Quote ]
| FreeBSD is the most accessible and popular of 
| the BSDs, has code at the heart of Darwin and 
| Apple's OS X, and has powered some of the more 
| successful sites on the Web, including 
| Hotmail, Netcraft and Yahoo!, which before the 
| rise of Google was the busiest site on the 
| internet.



Free Software Foundation Trashes "Sinful" Windows 7

,----[ Quote ]
| Holmes Wilson, Campaigns Manager for the FSF, expounded on the chilling
| effect of proprietary software on education. "The fundamental role of schools
| is to encourage a level of curiosity and inquisitiveness and exploration in
| students that cultivates an engagement with the world, and with ideas. When
| you're using computers in the classroom that are running proprietary
| software, there's this barrier there that prevents students from
| understanding the machine they're using. It is a real, in some ways, an
| affront, to the natural inquisitiveness of any student. If somebody gets into
| computers, but then they can't dig into the computer that they're actually
| using there in the classroom, that's stifling a level of... That's stifling a
| desire to learn, that really, schools should be encouraging."


OLPC will make children Microserfs: FSF

,----[ Quote ]
| The Free Software Foundation has described the One Laptop per Child Project
| as one that will only help to "turn millions of children into Microsoft
| dependents."
| [...]
| It said, due to this dramatic change of policy, many FOSS volunteers quit in
| disgust.
| "But Negroponte, desiring the financial support of Bill Gates and Microsoft,
| ignored them and proceeded with his decision. As a result, it is expected
| that the main effect of the OLPC project - if it succeeds - will be to turn
| millions of children into Microsoft dependents.
| "That is a negative effect, to the point where the world would be better off
| if the OLPC project had never existed. The project tragically became yet
| another example of Microsoft exerting its control to ends harmful to
| society's freedom," the FSF said.


Negative campaign, positive campaign: Windows 7 Sins vs get GNU/Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| This criticism is mostly right, but not fully. Free software born in
| opposition to the abuses of proprietary software, it is reasonable to speak
| against its defects that we want to solve. We could speak, thought, of the
| adaptability of free software and others advantages not directly related with
| proprietary defects.


7 reasons I choose Linux over Windows 7

,----[ Quote ]
| Many have marked the 22nd of October on their calendars,but they seem to have
| forgotten the presence of the penguin.Mind you my friend the penguin is
| everywhere.Here are some of the Linux distributions releasing around that
| date
| Ubuntu Karmic : October 29th
| Fedora 12 : November 3rd
| OpenSuse 11.2 : November 12th


Linux vs Windows 7

,----[ Quote ]
| And this is where Linux can make a big difference. There's nothing in Windows
| 7 that Linux can't do, and in most cases, do it better. Our machines are
| quicker and more efficient. Our desktops are more innovative and less static.
| Our apps are more powerful, cheaper and less partisan, and Linux security has
| never been better. But best of all, we have complete control over the future
| of Linux, and it's success or failure at the hands of Windows 7 is in our
| hands.


Seven things Windows 7 can learn from Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| 1. More frequent release cycles. As Iâve already explained, Microsoftâs worst
| enemy has been its very long release cycles. Linux distributors, on the other
| hand, have the opposite problem â too frequent release cycles. But what would
| a consumer be more interested in, an operating system thatâs eight years old
| (Windows XP) or one thatâs updated every year or even six months? Fresh
| product releases means fresh marketing and Microsoft knows this. From Windows
| 7 on itâs bye, bye many-year release cycles and hello two year cycles at the
| most.

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