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[News] 4 New Audiocasts About Free Software

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FLOSS Weekly 106: Cfengine

,----[ Quote ]
| Cfengine, the standalone datacenter 
| management platform.


The Software Freedom Law Show

,----[ Quote ]
| Karen and Bradley discuss an update on the 
| Google Books Settlement, some follow up from 
| 0x1F regarding feedback on the mobile phones 
| show, and discuss Karen's new position as 
| General Counsel.


Podcast Season 2 Episode 1

,----[ Quote ]
| In this episode: Three quarters of the Linux 
| kernel code is written by developers being 
| paid to do so and Facebook transforms PHP 
| performance. We promise to give up the 
| command line for two weeks and ask whether 
| Ubuntu is wrong to switch the default search 
| engine in Firefox from Google to Yahoo. 
| Plus, we introduce two new sections.


Benjamin Mako Hill: A rebel with many open source causes 

,----[ Quote ]
| Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier speaks with Benjamin 
| 'Mako' Hill, researcher at MIT's Center for 
| Future Civic Media and the Sloan School of 
| Management, as well as board member, 
| contributor and advisor on open source 
| projects from Ubuntu to Wikipedia.



An Interview With Mako

,----[ Quote ]
| My name is Benjamin Mako Hill. I am 28 years
| old, male, and I live in Somerville,
| Massachusetts just outside Boston. My day job
| is doing research at MIT. I am a fellow at the
| MIT Center for Future Civic Media and am
| currently doing work on a PhD somewhere
| between the Sloan School of Management and the
| MIT Media Lab.


Benjamin Mako-Hill on Open Source vs. Free, GPL and Prepping for OSCON

,----[ Quote ]
| Now the GPL, the GPL and other copy-left licenses sort of prevent that from
| happening by saying, no; you need to share--you need to insure that the
| freedoms that you had when you received the work are something that can be
| passed on downstream. And that's a tactical decision because the FSF who sort
| of puts out the GPL and continues to modify it--modifies it believes that by
| insuring that the downstream users have freedom and continue to have freedom
| that there will be more freedom overall. The more people that will release
| their stuff as free software, the more people will be encouraged to keep
| things more free in the long run and that ultimately there will be more free
| and open source software as a result. So--and the GPL is designed to protect
| that.

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