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[News] The ACTA Conspiracy Marches on, Intellectual Monopolies a Threat to Society

  • Subject: [News] The ACTA Conspiracy Marches on, Intellectual Monopolies a Threat to Society
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 05 Feb 2010 11:42:43 +0000
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Brussels denies rumours of secret anti-piracy treaty 

,----[ Quote ]
| But Koehler added that the Parliament will be 
| expected to endorse ACTA as it would be a sign 
| of mistrust in the European Commission if it 
| did not.
| "It is crystal clear that ACTA will go 
| through," Koehler said.


The Patent, Copyright, Trademark, and Trade Secret Horror Files

,----[ Quote ]
| The other fallacy is the view at work here 
| that there is no such thing as reputation, 
| or even identity, absent trademark law. But 
| this is incorrect. Of course people and 
| firms can have reputations even if trademark 
| law is nonexistent. All that is required is 
| that people be able to identify other people 
| and firms, and communicate. Pro-trademark 
| arguments often implicitly assume that this 
| is not possible, absent state-enforced 
| trademark law, which is ridiculous. 


ISP cleared of copyright infringement

,----[ Quote ]
| In the first case of its kind, an Australian court has 
| ruled that an internet service provider cannot be responsible for illegal downloading.
| iiNet, Australia's third largest ISP, was taken to court 
| by a group of 34 movie production houses. 


The digital economy versus the Digital Economy Bill

,----[ Quote ]
| I was at an Open Rights Group event in Edinburgh yesterday, 
| about lobbying MPs regarding the DE Bill. One of the attendees, 
| Hugh Hancock, pointed out that he will likely be harmed by the 
| DE Bill, even though he is a creative person who is part of the 
| digital economy, one of the very group of people this bill is 
| ostensibly intended to help. (Of course, we all know that the DE is 
| really there to protect the content distribution industry, not creative people).



Anti-Piracy Scheme âA Scam & Legal Blackmailâ Say UK Lords

,----[ Quote ]
| Several UK Lords have criticized the
| practices of law firms that send out
| warning letters to alleged copyright
| infringers demanding big payments. These
| schemes have been labeled a scam, and the
| lawyers operating them accused of
| âharassment, bullying and intrusionâ and
| âlegal blackmailâ in the House of Lords.

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