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[News] [Rival] Germany, France, NZ, and Australian Governments Were Right: Microsoft IE Should be Abandoned

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Germany, France, NZ, and Australian Governments Were Right: Microsoft IE Should be Abandoned
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 05 Feb 2010 11:53:58 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Microsoft has another IE flaw 

,----[ Quote ]
| released another security warning relating 
| to a bug in Internet Explorer.
| In a blog post on its technet website the 
| firm said that the vulnerability, which has 
| been disclosed elsewhere, would give hackers 
| access to personal information.


MS probes bug that turns PCs into 'public file servers'

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has begun investigating a flaw in 
| IE that most affects older versions of 
| Windows, and turns vulnerable systems into a 
| "public file server".
| The vulnerability means that hackers might 
| be able to access files with an already 
| known filename and location, providing they 
| can trick users into visiting a maliciously 
| constructed website. For this approach to 
| work, the Protected Mode feature - which 
| runs by default in Vista, Windows 7, and 
| Windows Server 2008 - needs to be absent or 
| disabled.


Microsoft confirms new vulnerability in Internet Explorer 


IE Flaw Gives Hackers Access To User Files


IE flaw gives hackers access to user files, Microsoft says

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft warned on Wednesday that a flaw in 
| its Internet Explorer browser gives 
| attackers access to files stored on a PC 
| under certain conditions.


Blighty politicians told to ban IE6 

,----[ Quote ]
| A PETITION has been presented to 10 Downing 
| Street calling for the outlawing of 
| Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.
| The petition was set up by Dan Frydman of 
| web firm Inigo. It calls for the UK 
| government to ban Internet Exploder 6 and 
| move to a more modern web browser.



Why the NHS can't get its browser act together

,----[ Quote ]
| Don't worry, said Microsoft a few days ago:
| the zero-day vulnerability that Chinese
| hackers exploited to infiltrate Google's
| network only affects Internet Explorer 6
| (released in 2000) running on Windows XP
| (released in 2001).
| The implication being that nobody uses that
| still, do they? Ed Bott, who has forgotten
| more about Microsoft than many people know,
| says in a vehement blogpost at ZDNet that:
|     "Any IT professional who is still
|     allowing IE6 to be used in a corporate
|     setting is guilty of malpractice. Think
|     that judgment is too harsh? Ask the
|     security experts at Google, Adobe, and
|     dozens of other large corporations that
|     are cleaning up the mess from a wave of
|     targeted attacks that allowed source code
|     and confidential data to fall into the
|     hands of well-organized intruders. The
|     entry point? According to Microsoft, it's
|     IE6."


Expert finds vulnerabilities in Microsoft browser

,----[ Quote ]
| A security research firm said it discovered
| another set of vulnerabilities in Internet
| Explorer, a day after Microsoft Corp patched
| the Web browser following a high-profile
| cyber attack on Google in China.


IE is so secure we just had to build an OS out of it.

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsofts new Gazelle concept is the
| greatest thing to hit Linux or the computer
| industry as a whole ever. According to
| Microsoft, Gazelle is a secure web browser
| constructed as a multi-principal OS. I never
| thought I would live to see the day that
| Microsoft announces its own suicide.
| I also never imagined that you could become
| a top executive and yet be so absolutely
| clueless as to sell an idea to the board
| that will mark their own demise and yet be
| so blinded by greed that the obvious has
| become a non issuing factor.


Firefox, Opera downloads surge after IE security scare

,----[ Quote ]
| Internet browsers Firefox and Opera have
| experienced a massive surge in downloads
| since the security flaw in Microsoft
| Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) was exposed.
| Firefox owner Mozilla claims it has
| experienced more than 300,000 extra
| downloads over a four-day period in Germany
| that started last Friday. Opera downloads in
| Germany amounted to over 18,000 in a day
| over last weekend.


Chinaâs Strange Fixation on IE6

,----[ Quote ]
| The scene in China is markedly different.
| Tons of websites, including commonly used
| ones, have been constructed and tested to
| work with IE6 only, without consideration of
| web standard (W3C), non-IE browsers
| (Firefox), or non-Windows platforms (Linux).
| This proliferation of non-standard websites
| is partly the result of ignorance. Remember
| the recent Green Dam fiasco? Green Dam was
| designed to block undesirable websites, but
| it only works if you access the web with IE.
| If you use Firefox, Green Dam has no effect.


Widespread Attacks Exploit Newly Patched IE Bug

,----[ Quote ]
| The first widespread attack to leverage a
| recently patched flaw in Microsoft's Internet
| Explorer browser has surfaced.
| Starting late Wednesday, researchers at
| antivirus vendor Symantec's Security Response
| group began spotting dozens of Web sites that
| contain the Internet Explorer attack, which
| works reliably on the IE 6 browser, running
| on Windows XP. The attack installs a Trojan
| horse program that is able to bypass some
| security products and then give hackers
| access to the system, said Joshua Talbot, a
| security intelligence manager with Symantec.
| Once it has infected a PC, the Trojan sends a
| notification e-mail to the attackers, using a
| U.S.-based, free e-mail service that Symantec
| declined to name.

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