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Re: [News] New Walkthrough of FreeBSD 8.0

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____/ Mark Kent on Friday 05 Feb 2010 14:29 : \____

> White Spirit <wspirit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> On 04/02/2010 18:24, Mark Kent wrote:
>>> White Spirit<wspirit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  espoused:
>>>> I prefer them.  The only reason I'm not using FreeBSD on my desktop is
>>>> because NVidia hadn't released a 64-bit FreeBSD driver when I got my PC.
>>> What BSD packages would uniquely make use of such a driver?
>> All the Linux games that I can run on FreeBSD.
> They're not binary compatible, and very unlikely to be source
> compatible.  Would you be porting them yourself?
> All the games in FreeBSD would be selected to suit the capabilities of
> FreeBSD...

Wouldn't PC-BSD be more suitable for gaming? It seems to me like FreeBSD is still
mostly favoured for the server side, but I could be wrong.

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