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Re: [News] New GNU/Linux Sub-notebooks to Cost $149

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____/ Mark Kent on Friday 05 Feb 2010 14:27 : \____

> Lusotec <nomail@xxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> Mark Kent wrote:
>>> Lusotec espoused:
>>>> The keys on my Eee 1000 keyboard have a good size and feel but some of
>>>> the smaller devices have much smaller keys and I find it hard to type
>>>> comfortably on them.
>>> Are you able to touch type?
>> Yes, I can touch type.
> Okay.
>>> I've found that people who seem to have
>>> problems with smaller keys are usually either those who cannot
>>> touch-type, or they are visually or motor-impaired in some way.  I'm
>>> curious as to whether my model still fits..
>> I may fit in the motor-impaired category. I have big fingers. :)
> That is the one thing which is a real killer, to be honest - I know
> several ex-Rugby players who have real trouble even on standard PC
> keyboards, because their fingers are too wide even for those.
> My pianist fingers are not quite so chubby, but look at professional
> pianist's fingers and they usually have hands like Rugby players :-)
> I recommend you stay with a *big* keyboard !

Some keyboards are adjustable for size, but only in terms of separation between hands.
Keyboard layouts probably play a greater role (QWERTY, like pagination, is set
this way due to antiquated limitations, not rationale).

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