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[News] Open Access Interviews and Great Progress

  • Subject: [News] Open Access Interviews and Great Progress
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 06 Feb 2010 03:02:33 +0000
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The Indispensable Man of Open Science: A Talk with Cameron Neylon

,----[ Quote ]
| Could you please tell us a bit of your 
| background? What kind of scientist are you, 
| for instance?
| I started off in what was at the time fairly 
| conventional metabolic biochemistry doing an 
| undergraduate project looking at what food 
| molecules platelets selected from plasma 
| when given the choice. Then I moved more 
| towards biophysics and biotechnology during 
| my PhD, looking at ways to manipulate DNA to 
| make what were then large libraries of 
| variants of the gene specific protein, 
| trying to figure out how to make protein 
| copies of all of those genes and then select 
| the one or two out the billions that did 
| what we want. The theme since then has 
| really been about developing new ways of 
| applying physical techniques from physics 
| and chemistry to looking at protein 
| structure and function.
| My current job at the Science and Technology 
| Facilities Council in the UK is an 
| interesting mix of developing new 
| techniques, using these to tackle specific 
| structural problems, and working with the 
| scientists who come in to use our facilities 
| to help them solve problems. I enjoy working 
| with other people and this job gives me a 
| good opportunity to do that and for that to 
| be valued, something that is often missing 
| in university settings.


Interview With Stevan Harnad - A Prophet Whose Time Has Come 

,----[ Quote ]
| In June 1994, Stevan Harnad, a cognitive 
| scientist at the University of Southampton 
| in the U.K., posted a message on a mailing 
| list that called on fellow researchers to 
| make their papers freely available on the 
| internet. The message became known as the 
| Subversive Proposal. 


CA Free Digital Textbook Initiative Launches Phase 2

,----[ Quote ]
| Many of you have heard about Californiaâs 
| Free Digital Textbook Initiative that 
| launched last spring, which called for 
| submissions of free digital textbooks in 
| math and science for use by the stateâs 
| schools. Of the 16 textbooks submitted last 
| year, 15 are openly licensed under one of 
| the Creative Commons licensesâand all 10 
| that passed 90% of CAâs state standards are 
| CC licensed.


Is Citizen Science the future for researchers?

,----[ Quote ]
| When research findings are apparently called 
| into question by leaked emails with opposing 
| views, you can forgive those not involved in 
| academic research for being a bit sceptical. 
| After all how can people presented with the 
| same data come up with findings that are 
| diametrically opposed?
| So, can citizen science help, and what might 
| it mean? The idea around open science and 
| citizen science is to have a sensible, 
| grown-up, debate in a public arena and 
| engage everyone in the research process.
| It allows those who are not involved on a 
| daily basis with research to hear opposing 
| views and be engaged in the argument rather 
| than being presented with only one view.


CERN opens up bibliographic metadata!

,----[ Quote ]
| As regular readers of the Open Knowledge 
| Foundation blog will know, bibliographic 
| metadata is a subject close to our heart 
| (see e.g., here, here and here). Hence we 
| were delighted to see todayâs announcement 
| that CERN Library are releasing their 
| bibliographic metadata under an open 
| license!



Nina Paley vs. Jaron Lanier

,----[ Quote ]
| The one point that really does need to be
| refuted is that he seems to believe that
| artificial scarcity somehow makes people pay.
| He talks about the importance of a "social
| contract" to have people "pay for others'
| brains." He says "people need to be secure
| that they're earning their dignity and don't
| need to sing for their supper every night."

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