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[News] Latest Gaggings with Intellectual Monopolies

  • Subject: [News] Latest Gaggings with Intellectual Monopolies
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 07 Feb 2010 08:53:25 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Archers Daniel Midland abuses copyright law to censor criticism â corporations have the right to free speech, but not the people who criticize them?

,----[ Quote ]
| ADM has, top it mildly, been the subject of 
| considerable ire, criticism, and even 
| criminal prosecution for price fixing (the 
| subject of Matt Damonâs recent film The 
| Informant and Fair Fight in the 
| Marketplace, an excerpt of which appears 
| belowâs Woertzâs blathering), political 
| corruption, destruction of the rainforests, 
| and the forced labor of children.
| [...]
| This is outright copyright abuse. Criticism 
| is fair use. When anyone asks whether in 
| fact fair use is grounded in the 
| Constitutionâs guarantee of free speech, 
| all you need is to think of a situation 
| like this â one can appropriate copyrighted 
| works to criticize and parody the copyright 
| holder. And to use the copyright laws to 
| silence that critique has nothing to do with protecting intellectual property and the rights of a creator to profit from his, her, or its creation: itâs unconstitutional censorship! (Peter Bouchard wrote a good summary yesterday on â The Battle against Bogus 
Takedowns, a topic Iâve touched on in the past.â


Pete Bouchard and the Battle Against Bogus Takedowns

,----[ Quote ]
| Either way, this lack of concern for fair 
| use is common: A music publisher tried to 
| silence a critical podcast. A blogger 
| sought to block an advocacy ad. Opponents 
| of same-sex marriage looked to remove an 
| unflattering YouTube clip. These and other 
| "Takedown Hall of Shame" inductees likely 
| think that it is difficult to punish a 
| copyright holder for failing to consider 
| fair use (it's hard to prove), and probably 
| take comfort in the fact that many ordinary 
| Internet users lack the knowledge, time, or 
| resources necessary to challenge the 
| takedown. 


South Butt Responds To North Face As Only It Could

,----[ Quote ]
| You gotta love snarky legal filings. We've 
| already covered the ongoing saga between 
| the clothing company behind The North Face 
| and a teenager who started a parody line of 
| clothing called The South Butt (short 
| version, TNF got mad and despite lots of 
| public outcry in favor of TSB, TNF's parent 
| company sued). You already knew that the 
| folks behind The South Butt wouldn't 
| necessarily respond in a conventional 
| manner. They had already set up a Facebook 
| app to see if people could tell the 
| difference between a face and a butt. 


Writers Of 'Back Pockets On The Floor' Claim 'Pants On The Ground' Ripped Them Off...

,----[ Quote ]
| Just start shaking your head now, because 
| your level of disbelief should only 
| increase as this post goes on. We recently 
| wrote about how "General" Larry Platt, the 
| latest YouTube viral sensation for his 
| American Idol appearance with the song 
| "Pants On The Ground" was lawyering up, as 
| he felt that he wasn't getting money he 
| deserved from everyone talking about and 
| "covering" his song. Of course, he failed 
| to register the copyright, so his remedies 
| were pretty limited. We suggested that he 
| focus on actually releasing the song 
| himself and looking to capitalize on it in 
| other ways... and it looks like he's doing 
| just that. But even that is mired in claims 
| of copyright infringement. And... then 
| there's an argument making the rounds that 
| Platt himself "ripped off" the song that 
| made him famous from someone else, but 
| we'll get to that at the end. 


CBC: When We Said Blogs Would Need Permission To Quote Us, We Didn't Really Mean It

,----[ Quote ]
| The real issue here is that, once again, 
| you have people making rules who think they 
| understand what copyright is for, and they 
| don't recognize what it really means at 
| all.


WHDH weatherman inches into some trouble

,----[ Quote ]
| âIn Princeton, we picked up 9 inches of 
| snow, Billerica had 7,â the weatherman 
| said.
| âThe biggest amount that I could find â 
| almost as big as me,â Bouchard said as he 
| stepped closer to the camera, shifted his 
| eyes sideways and added, âAbout nine 9 
| inches.â
| The video quickly became an Internet 
| sensation, leading many to believe Bouchard 
| was making an off-color joke.
| [...]
| Channel 7 yanked the clip off YouTube 
| citing a copyright claim, and the station 
| doesnât intend to address the blooper on 
| air.



Oz gov suggests world's worst copyright protection scheme

,----[ Quote ]
| In their submission, Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) have expressed
| concern that "the proposed legislation provides a very broad exception to the
| prohibition on interception of network communications for the purposes of
| ensuring that a network is "appropriately used"".

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