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[News] Governments Turn to Free Software, Transparency, and Open Standards

  • Subject: [News] Governments Turn to Free Software, Transparency, and Open Standards
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 09 Feb 2010 01:34:47 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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- From Open Source to Open Government

,----[ Quote ]
| This means that once a company has begun the 
| open source journey, and started to 
| understand what that implies in terms of how 
| software is created and used, they are then 
| far better placed to work with governmental 
| implementations of the same approach when 
| they appear.
| In other words, the more a company deploys 
| open source now, the better it will be able 
| to see â and grasp â future opportunities as 
| government gradually opens up its data 
| treasuries. Yet another reason for not only 
| using free software, but also embracing the 
| underlying ideas it represents. 


Make-or-buy balance still unclear in 2011 Defense and Veteran budgets

,----[ Quote ]
| The VAâs VistA system is open source, but 
| aged. Late in the Bush years moves were made 
| to replace it with a contracted system. In 
| the new budget those moves are expected to 
| bear fruit, just as open source VistA 
| implementations are making waves in the 
| private Electronic Health Record (EHR) 
| marketplace.


Of governments and geeks

,----[ Quote ]
| But even as politicians start seeing the 
| light, the pace and methods used by 
| governments to free up facts are much 
| influenced by independent, open-source 
| software designers. (One reason that English-
| speaking governments are ahead of others is 
| that there are a lot of activist anglophone 
| open-source programmers.) Most of the data 
| sets offered by governments bear the stamp 
| âbetaâ, suggesting that they are open to 
| improvement. With unusual humility, 
| bureaucrats are borrowing jargon from open-
| source developers.


Hungarian Public Sector Mandated To Use Open Source Solutions

,----[ Quote ]
| Open standards have been made mandatory for 
| the IT systems of Hungary's public 
| administrations. The Hungarian parliament 
| voted in favour of amendments prescribing 
| open standards, to a law on electronic 
| government services, on 14 December. The 
| changes received 197 votes in favour, one 
| against and 146 abstentions, according to the 
| Open Standard Alliance, a Hungarian advocacy 
| group that lobbyed in favour of the 
| amendments.


Tories pledge radical reform of public sector IT

,----[ Quote ]
| The Conservative Party says it intends to 
| publish all IT contracts and Gateway project 
| reviews. But the pledge, which is outlined in 
| a paper on its information technology and 
| communications strategy, is likely to be 
| opposed by senior civil servants who have 
| convinced successive Labour ministers of the 
| need for continued secrecy over IT projects.



What the Open Government Directive Means for Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| On the heels of the Open Government Memo of
| January 21st, 2009, the Obama Administration
| has issued the Open Government Directive.
| The Directive tells agencies what they must
| do to meet the expectations set by the Memo.
| The directive names many deadlines for
| agency compliance, most of them around
| reducing FOIA backlogs and increasing the
| amount of agency data released to the
| public.

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