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[News] Copyright at Risk, Abused by Power; Helena Bonham Carter Receives Complaint Letter

  • Subject: [News] Copyright at Risk, Abused by Power; Helena Bonham Carter Receives Complaint Letter
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 09:44:45 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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No, Copyright Has Never Been About Protecting Labor

,----[ Quote ]
| Ugh. So, we recently wrote about Matthew 
| Yglesias' quite accurate economic 
| explanation for why the price of music was 
| going to get pushed to zero, no matter what 
| the industry said or what happened with 
| copyright law.


Appeals Court Says Internet Content Should Be Held To Standards Of Strictest Jurisdiction

,----[ Quote ]
| Of course, the court did say that 
| punishment had to be limited to just 
| looking at how many people in that smaller 
| community accessed the content -- which 
| could limit the punishment given by the 
| court, but it still seems problematic. 
| Other courts, including one in California, 
| have found differently on similar 
| questions, so it seems likely that, at some 
| point, this issue will finally go back to 
| the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, it seems 
| likely that the Supreme Court will focus on 
| what counts as "community standards" rather 
| than whether or not laws against obscenity 
| even make legal sense under the First 
| Amendment.


The Pirate Bay To Be Censored in Italy, Again

,----[ Quote ]
| Following a lengthy legal procedure the 
| Court of Bergamo has once again ruled that 
| Italian ISPs have to censor their networks 
| and prevent customer access to The Pirate 
| Bay. Millions of Italian Internet users 
| will be denied access to the popular 
| torrent site in an attempt to prevent 
| copyright infringement.


Authors Guild: âTo RIAA or Not to RIAAâ

,----[ Quote ]
| Thereâs equal reason to support or object 
| to the proposed Google Books settlement.
| Creating a digital catalog of the worldsâ 
| words might be the Holy Grail of 
| intellectual empowerment.
| Yet building that library in the clouds 
| would be allowed without the rights-
| holdersâ consent â which the Justice 
| Department and others contend is a complete 
| and fundamental alteration of copyright 
| law.


Oink.CD â Oinkâs Pink Palace Part Two

,----[ Quote ]
| This is the second, of a long series of 
| posts about OINK.CD, the music file sharing 
| site run by Alan Ellis, and Alanâs 
| acquittal on charges of Conspiracy to 
| Defraud. My apologies for the delay â I 
| have been trying to obtain information on 
| the case, and while I have obtained some of 
| what I need, Iâm still working on getting 
| more.


IP is not a joke

,----[ Quote ]
| After another comedian, the taping ended.  
| We were informed that the crowd had to stay 
| put because Bob Kelly had to come out and 
| re-film a joke.  It was the joke I just 
| mentioned.  They said it had to be re-taped 
| because Comedy Central didnât have the 
| rights to the song âWe Are The Worldâ.  (My 
| guess is it probably wasnât worth it to 
| them to obtain the rights, for 1 or 2 
| seconds of a joke).  How ridiculous is 
| this?  FOUR WORDS!  We then had to hear the 
| same joke, slightly modified, again, and 
| pretend and cheer for it like we never 
| heard it before.  I am interested in seeing 
| the final edited product, whenever it 
| eventually airs.


Members of European Parliaments ask when they will receive the ACTA documents

,----[ Quote ]
| Some Member of the European Parliament have 
| asked when they will receive the ACTA 
| documents, mentioning the Lisbon Treaty 
| article 218 which says that the Parliament 
| have to be "fully informed" of the 
| negotiations. The new trade commissioner 
| Karel DeGucht said previously that the 
| Lisbon Treaty do not apply to ACTA, because 
| the confidentiality of the talks were 
| negotiated before.
| Some Member of the European Parliament are 
| asking the Commission and the Council when 
| they plan to respect the Lisbon Treaty on 
| ACTA, where the next Trade Commissioner 
| Karel DeGucht said in a hearing that the 
| Lisbon Treaty does not apply to the ACTA 
| negotiations, because the confidentiality 
| rules were negotiated before the entry into 
| force of the Treaty.


Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner answers ACTA internet chapter question


Copyfighter Cory Doctorow.

,----[ Quote ]
| Thanks in no small part to Mr. Doctorow you 
| can now get your ACTA news from a number of 
| sources, including a weekly podcast that I 
| help out with. To read his latest you can 
| bookmark his blog, follow him on Twitter 
| and keep an eye out for his posts on Boing 
| Boing.


Dear Helena Bonham Carter, How Do You Pay Your BT Bill Online?

,----[ Quote ]
| Even though you don't know me, we do in 
| fact share at least two things in common. 
| Like you, I also have a double-barrelled 
| surname, and as you live in the UK, there's 
| a good chance you're also a British Telecom 
| customer, and probably have an Internet 
| subscription (although not necessarily with 
| BT).
| The reason I'm writing you this open 
| letter, is to enquire whether you pay your 
| BT bill online, and if so then how? You 
| see, I've discovered a rather annoying 
| feature of BT: They seem to be biased 
| against us double-barrellers.

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