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[News] LWN Summarises LCA 2010 (Now Available to Non-subscribers)

  • Subject: [News] LWN Summarises LCA 2010 (Now Available to Non-subscribers)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 19:47:11 +0000
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An LCA 2010 overview


LCA: Static analysis with GCC plugins

,----[ Quote ]
| Taras Glek works for Mozilla, but he is not a 
| browser hacker; instead, he works on GCC and 
| other tools aimed at making the browser 
| development process better. It is, he says, a 
| good job. While carrying out his duties, 
| Taras has been able to put a new GCC feature 
| to work in ways which may prove to be useful 
| well beyond Mozilla. 



LCA: Cooperative management of package copyright and licensing data

,----[ Quote ]
| Kate Stewart is the manager of the PowerPC
| team at Freescale. As such, she has a basic
| customer service problem to solve: people who
| buy a board from Freescale would like to have
| some sort of operating system to run on it.
| That system, of course, will be Linux;
| satisfying this requirement means that
| Freescale must operate as a sort of Linux
| distributor. At her linux.conf.au talk, Kate
| talked about a new initiative aimed at helping
| distributors to ensure that they are compliant
| with the licenses of the software they are
| shipping.


Linux.conf.au - Day Four

,----[ Quote ]
| Day four of the conference opened with a
| keynote entitiled "Hackers at the End of the
| World" by Glyn Moody. Glyn explored the
| history of sharing in science and art as
| inspired by the open source movement, and
| contrasted this with the anti-sharing 'my gain
| is your loss' culture of the global financial
| community. Glyn postulated that the sharing
| and indeed sharing of sharing that
| characterises the FOSS community held a
| tantalising glimpse of a solution to the
| global financial and environmental crisis.


LCA 2010 Friday keynote/lightning talks


Brisbane to host LCA 2011

,----[ Quote ]
| Nine years after it first played host,
| Brisbane has been awarded the rights to
| host the Australian national Linux
| conference again.
| The winner of the bid for the 2011
| conference was announced at the formal
| closing ceremony of the 11th Australian
| national Linux conference, held at the
| Conference Centre in Wellington this
| evening.
| [...]
| Linux Australia derives its yearly budget
| from the conference and thus things have to
| be on the plus side for the organisation to
| be able to plan any activities, apart from
| the purely ceremonial.


Smarter Linux file structure aims to ease software management

,----[ Quote ]
| The Unix file system hierarchy has been
| used for decades and remains the model for
| most of todayâs modern Linux systems, but
| one distribution, GoboLinux, is making
| software management easier with an
| innovative directory structure.
| Speaking at this yearâs Linux.conf.au Linux
| and open source conference in Wellington,
| New Zealand, GoboLinux developer Michael
| Homer said the standard Unix directory
| structure has survived for many years, but
| sometimes it is not optimal for
| contemporary computing.


Labour plans Web 2.0 push for open government

,----[ Quote ]
| A key question that emerged in government
| use of open source and open ICT standards
| is whether failures to date lies in a lack
| of policy or a lack of will to put the
| policy into effect.
| âThe policy is clear,â insisted former
| government CIO Laurence Millar, displaying
| policy statements from the e.govt.nz
| website âencouragingâ agencies to look at
| open source software. âThis is not about
| policy; itâs about changing attitudes.â


Open source conference opens its doors

,----[ Quote ]
| In a push to bring the open source software
| message to the non-hacker public, the
| Wellington open-source conference,
| linux.conf.au, is holding an Open Day at
| the Wellington Town Hall tomorrow.
| More than 30 exhibitors from business,
| education and community groups will be
| demonstrating some of the software they
| have developed, organisers say.


LCA 2010: From India with code

,----[ Quote ]
| Bharata B. Rao, one of the speakers at the
| 11th LCA, is an exception - he has come to
| Wellington straight from Bangalore and is
| just recovering from the jetlag. (His talk
| is titled "Using performance counters to
| optimize task placement on multi-core
| systems.")
| Rao, who is in his mid-30s, works for IBM
| as a senior staff software engineer in the
| India Software Labs Systems Group. What's
| more, he writes code aimed at the Linux
| kernel.


LCA 2010: Smooth sailing at halfway point

,----[ Quote ]
| Midway through the week that comprises the
| 11th Australian national Linux conference,
| the two co-organisers, Andrew and Susanne
| Ruthven, say they are extremely pleased
| with the way things are working out.


LCA 2010: How FOSS spreads to the home

,----[ Quote ]
| Shane Geddes is one of the first batch of
| students to enrol in New Zealand's first
| high school that uses only free and open
| source software - the Albany Senior High
| School in Auckland.


LCA 2010: Tridge and the art of education

,----[ Quote ]
| It takes a lot of courage to set out on an
| unexplored course, especially when it comes
| to academia. There is nothing to compare
| with the withering scorn that one earns
| from this community if one sets out on an
| ambitious course - and then fails
| miserably.

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