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[News] Benjamin Mako Hill Explains That FSF is About Freedom, Not Just Software

  • Subject: [News] Benjamin Mako Hill Explains That FSF is About Freedom, Not Just Software
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 21:11:43 +0000
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Benjamin Mako Hillâs FSF Appeal

,----[ Quote ]
| Since one of my main areas of interest is the 
| conflicting intersection of Free Software and 
| Open Source, Mr. Hillâs thoughts are often 
| very illuminating for me â even when I donât 
| agree with him I never feel like he makes his 
| argument poorly.
| In his FSF appeal, Iâm glad to say Mr. Hill 
| delivers and makes a point I am in strong 
| agreement with:
|     Free software is not really about 
|     software in this fundamental sense; itâs 
|     about bringing freedom to users through 
|     software.
| Just like open source is necessary but not 
| sufficient for Free Software, Free Software 
| in turn is necessary but not sufficient for 
| âusers to take control of their technologyâ.




"DRM is the future."

                                --Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO


Okular and DRM

,----[ Quote ]
| Jonathan Corbet wrote a piece on LWN about Okular and it's implementation of
| user permission restrictions in PDFs (sometimes errantly refered to
| as "DRM"). This is actually something it has done since it was KPDF back in
| KDE 3. Obviously, permissions in PDFs are a generally misguided attempt at
| protecting the agenda of a publisher in a demonstrably ineffective way that
| comes at a cost to things like the concepts of fair use.
| So what's up with Okular having support for permissions? It's quite simple:
| not only is permissions in the PDF spec, but there are organizations in the
| world who, for contractual or legal reasons, require permissions in PDFs be
| respected.
| Do we simply not serve those users needs? Do we "know better" for the user
| who says "I want to accept the terms of the publisher of this document"? Of
| course not; that's rather user unfriendly in itself.
| So the strategy adopted was quite simple: make it an option that the user may
| choose to abide by the permissions flags in a PDF or not.



The Longest Suicide Note in History

,----[ Quote ]
| On the same podcast Gutmann scotched suggestions Microsoft were held
| to ransom by Hollywood;
| [...]
| The genie's out of the bottle before the operating system has even
| been released! But that doesn't mean Vista users in particular - and
| the computer community at large - won't end up paying for Microsoft's
| DRM folly. At the risk of repeating myself repeating myself, yet
| another reason to move to Linux.

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