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[News] Video: US President Promises to Defend Net Neutrality, IPv6 in YouTube Now on

  • Subject: [News] Video: US President Promises to Defend Net Neutrality, IPv6 in YouTube Now on
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 21:14:58 +0000
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Obama Affirms Commitment to Net Neutrality

,----[ Quote ]
| In a followup to his State of the Union 
| address, the president said:
|     Iâm a big believer in net neutrality. 
|     I campaigned on this. I continue to be 
|     a strong supporter of it. My FCC 
|     Chairman Julius Genachowski has 
|     indicated that he shares the view that 
|     weâve got to keep the Internet open, 
|     that we donât want to create a bunch 
|     of gateways that prevent somebody who 
|     doesnât have a lot of money but has a 
|     good idea from being able to start 
|     their next YouTube or their next 
|     Google on the Internet.


YouTube Turns on IPv6 Support, Net Traffic Spikes

,----[ Quote ]
| Industry observers say YouTube appeared to 
| be supporting IPv6 in production mode, as 
| opposed to running a test of the next-
| generation Internet protocol.



Parties Lobby FCC on Net Neutrality

,----[ Quote ]
| The Recording Industry Association of
| America and the Motion Picture Association
| of America have an established love-hate
| relationship with the Internet. Perhaps
| more hate-hate. The recording and motion
| picture industries are still struggling to
| find their footing and adapt to a world
| where MP3's replaced CD's, and where
| streaming movies are replacing DVD's.
| Dating back to the early days of Napster,
| the RIAA and MPAA have lobbied for
| legislation and leveraged the court system
| to combat online piracy. In its filing on
| net neutrality with the FCC, the RIAA wrote
| "we encourage the FCC to stay its course
| and explicitly support, encourage, and
| endorse ISP efforts to fight piracy."
| On the opposite end of the spectrum, the
| EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is
| urging individuals to join its petition to
| convince the FCC to remove language from
| the proposed net neutrality guidelines
| which provide a legal loophole for the
| entertainment industry to "hijack the
| Internet."

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