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[News] In Praise of Xfce Desktop

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Xfce Desktop: Less Lard, Less Bling, More Usability

,----[ Quote ]
| This is the first in a series of articles 
| looking at some lightweight, but still fully-
| functional, desktop alternatives to KDE or 
| Gnome. First up: Xfce. Xfce is designed to be 
| lightweight and fully-functional, providing a 
| full desktop environment whilst using minimal 
| system resources; and it's modular, so you can 
| choose exactly what you want to run.
| The current Xfce umbrella package in both 
| Debian stable and Ubuntu 9.10 is xfce4 
| (version 4.4 in Debian, and 4.6 in Ubuntu). 
| After you've installed it, log out of X. If 
| you're running gdm or a similar app as your 
| login manager, check the bottom left of the 
| screen for a "Sessions" option, and you can 
| choose Xfce for your next session. When 
| starting the session, you'll then be asked if 
| you want to make this your default window 
| manager.



Goodbye KDE, Hello XFCE

,----[ Quote ]
| About a year before the release of  Vista I
| became so disgusted with Windows that I made
| the decision to switch completely to Linux and
| have never regretted the decision.  My wife
| and son had no problem making the transition
| from Windows to Linux thanks in no small part
| to KDE.  With KDE 3.5, I was in Desktop
| heaven.  I had power and flexibility that
| Windows users cannot even imagine.


One XFCE 2010 Live edition is out

,----[ Quote ]
| Please remember, this edition is not a Mandriva
| product (so do not expect any kind of support
| directly from Mandriva), but has been completed
| with a great cooperation between the company
| and the community.
| On the 19th November 2009, the mandriva
| community has released the One XFCE 2010 Live
| edition to the world. We tried to ensure the
| XFCE experience is even better than before, do
| not hesitate to contact us if you think more
| polish is needed.


Can XFCE Desktop Environment,be an alternative to Gnome and Kde ?

,----[ Quote ]
| In the Linux world with Ubuntu dominating
| the market to discuss about the comparison
| of Desktop Managers available for Linux is
| of good importance . By default Ubuntu
| comes with gnome desktop environment and
| Kubuntu comes with kde as the desktop
| manager . Considering the case of someone
| who is interested in trying out something
| different xfce might be fun .

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