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Re: Fixing the XP Patch Blue Screen of Death

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____/ nessuno on Friday 12 Feb 2010 17:52 : \____

> <Quote>
>  I so didn't need this. I'm a long way from my home office and I
> helped some family members to update their Windows XP PCs with
> February's massive set of Windows patches. Since they fixed a lot of
> serious bugs in these patches-including the one Google blames China
> for and the 17-year old security hole -- I figured this was a must
> patch job. What could go wrong? Lots.
> One of the XP PCs started having BSODs (Blue Screen of Death) even
> before it could properly boot up. Two others booted up just fine, but
> then Windows Explorer started locking up. I needed this like a hole in
> the head....
> To get rid of it, you'll need an XP boot CD or DVD. Or, you can boot
> from the Recovery partition on your PC. Don't have any of that? Ugh.
> Then, you've got real problems. You can try calling Microsoft support
> at 1-866-PCSAFETY, 1-866-234-6020, or 1-800-936-5700 in Canada or the
> U.S. Good luck with that.
> </Quote>
> http://www.itworld.com/security/96347/fixing-xp-patch-blue-screen-death

A lot of engineers who maintain Windows and leaving/get fired and it shows. They can't
even properly patch their _MOST USED_ operating system!

Remember that almost all the Windows executives have jumped ship.

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