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[News] Google's Distribution of GNU/Linux Gets Industry Support

  • Subject: [News] Google's Distribution of GNU/Linux Gets Industry Support
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 03:04:24 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Google Chrome OS - A Revolution In OS 

,----[ Quote ]
| Google's operating system will use a Linux 
| kernel
| Google Chrome OS will also consider a 
| distribution of Linux, which is based on 
| kernel / kernel of Linux. On this Linux 
| kernel, it will run the windows and web 
| applications from Google Chrome OS. Since 
| Google Chrome an OS kernel using Linux, your 
| video should be released to the public, so 
| everyone who wants can have access to it. 
| Also, Google Chrome OS must also be free, 
| something that surely will encourage many 
| people to use Google's operating system.


Industry is Preparing for Chrome OS â Especially Netbook Makers

,----[ Quote ]
| We are getting more and more news about more 
| industry leading Netbook maker planing on 
| releasing Chrome OS featured NetBook. We 
| might have to wait till end of the year. We 
| already have few specification about some of 
| those NetBook. Google Already Released its 
| code base, still no downloadable iso or 
| burnable disk image, but we already have 
| Chromium OS source code so developer could 
| make their own package, but itâs currently 
| limited to Linux only OS.


Ask a Geek: A week with Google's Chromium

,----[ Quote ]
| I use Linux as my operating system instead 
| of Windows, specifically Kubuntu 
| (kubuntu.org). Deep down, it is very 
| different from Microsoft's offering, but in 
| general they run a lot of the same programs. 
| Google's Chromium browser has been available 
| for some time for Windows, but still is not 
| a stable release for Linux, so I have been 
| waiting to try it out. Finally, I decided it 
| was time. Here are my opinions.



Google talks Chrome OS, HTML5, and the future of software

,----[ Quote ]
| I had done my best to sort out the why's
| and wherefore's of Google's first consumer
| OS effort in my initial launch coverage but
| I still had many questions about the past,
| present, and future of the project.
| [...]
| EB: The way that we've thought about this
| for a while is if you read the Chrome OS
| blog post that we did in July, and you read
| the Chrome browser blog post that we did in
| September in 2008, they're very similar.
| They're essentially the same thing. And the
| reason is because when we were building
| Chrome the browser, we realized that
| everyone is spending their time online. So
| essentially we were trying to build
| something that mimics this operating system
| feelâthere's a task manager in Chrome, and
| that was one of the early additions to
| Chrome.


Interview: Chrome OS Zeroâs Hexxeh

,----[ Quote ]
| From Chrome OS Diet to Cherry and now the
| latest, Zero, Hexxeh has been the primary
| source for Chrome OS build releases ever
| since Google released the Chromium code to
| the masses in November. Theyâve been
| popular mostly because they work with a
| lot of existing hardware, plus the builds
| are small enough to fit on any USB drive.
| We got a chance to ask some questions of
| Hexxeh, who just released Chrome OS Zero a
| few days ago and talks about how he got
| started, future job prospects and some
| technical features in his latest version.


Chrome OS Online Workflows: Photos

,----[ Quote ]
| Most photography related workflows have
| already gone digital, and for most people,
| the internet is already the best medium
| for sharing their work.
| If you take even a small number of
| photographs, you are sure to find sending
| them via email a rather unpleasant way of
| sharing. If you are into photography, odds
| are you already use a service such as
| Picasa Web Albums of Flickr for storing
| your images.

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