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[News] More Linux/Android Phones Show Up

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Sony Ericsson preps compact Android pair

,----[ Quote ]
| Not content with releasing one Xperia X10 
| smartphone, Sony Ericsson is planning to 
| offer two more.
| The two additions to the Android phone 
| family are the X10 Mini and the X10 Mini 
| Pro. Both were said by SE to be "smaller 
| than a credit card" and to sport an 
| "intuitive four-corner touchscreen user 
| interface".


MIPS aims for Android telephony market


Moto shows off eighth Android 'andset

,----[ Quote ]
| Motorola today took the wraps of yet 
| another Android smartphone, this one called 
| Quench and based around a 3.1in 
| touchscreen.
| If the Quench seems familiar, it's because 
| its already been annouced, kind of. 
| Recently, Motorola unveiled the Cliq XT in 
| the US, and the Quench is the same handset, 
| tweaked for the European market just as it 
| renamed the US-oriented Droid as the 
| Milestone over here.


Oops! Motorola Jumps the Gun on Droid Upgrade Announcement

,----[ Quote ]
| Android 2.1 entered the world with the 
| release of Google's Nexus One last month. 
| At the time of the launch, Motorola said 
| the software update would be reaching the 
| Droid and other Android phones at some 
| point in the near future.


Android version of Nuvifone boasts multi-touch

,----[ Quote ]
| Garmin-Asus announced a multi-touch enabled 
| Android version of its navigation-focused 
| Nuvifone smartphones for the European 
| market. The Nuvifone A50 appears to have 
| similar specs to the earlier Linux-based 
| Nuvifone G60, but adds a comprehensive 
| suite of Google apps, as well as new 
| styling and a touchpad.


MWC2010: CSR launches Android software platform

,----[ Quote ]
| CSR is supporting the Android open-source 
| mobile operating system with its embedded 
| wireless system software.


ST-Ericsson and ARM give Android a leg up

,----[ Quote ]
| ST-ERICSSON AND ARM have been telling the 
| Mobile World Congress that their cunning 
| plan to optimise Android to take advantage 
| of Symmetric Multi Processing (SMP) on the 
| ST-Ericsson U8500 platform is nearly ready.


The tale of an Android phone in the earthquake in Haiti

,----[ Quote ] 
| We talked extensively about why Android is 
| better than some other smartphone OSes, its 
| openness, its multitasking characteristics, 
| but have you ever thought that its 
| customization features could actually save 
| lives? Well read on.



Linus Torvalds: Google's Nexus One First Mobile Phone I Don't Hate

,----[ Quote ]
| Linus Torvalds, the inventor of the Linux
| kernel, has an absolute disdain for mobile
| phones. All of the ones he has purchased in
| the past, the man writes on his personal
| blog, ended up being "mostly used for
| playing Galaga and Solitaire on long
| flights" even though they were naturally
| all phones run on open source operating
| systems.

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