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[News] OLPC Gets Boost from Telstra

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Big corporates add muscle to One Laptop Per Child

,----[ Quote ]
| The Commonwealth Bankâs chief information 
| officer will visit Darwin tomorrow for meetings 
| with Aboriginal elders to garner additional 
| support for the One Laptop Per Child programme 
| in advance of the roll out of the next version 
| of the machine and Telstraâs official 
| sponsorship of the programme starting next 
| month.


Using XS School Server Could Send You to Jail

,----[ Quote ]
| It breaks my heart and makes me sick to have to 
| address this. But it needs to be addressed. 
| Bitfrost is extremely secure. However, no 
| amount of security can protect kids from 
| themselves. Or teachers and admins from 
| children's actions in the USA school system.
| 99.999% of the time, XOs are used for innocuous 
| pursuits. What bothers me in the extreme are 
| the ramifications of that other potential 
| 0.001% or whatever infinitesimal number. Now 
| this is the sort of thing that I do not want to 
| even think about, let alone write about. But it 
| only takes a single incident to ruin lives.



Major Aussie ISP Telstra BigPond shafts open source OpenOffice

,----[ Quote ]
| Australiaâs largest Internet service provider Telstra BigPond has removed the 
| free open source office suite OpenOffice from its unmetered file download 
| area following the launch of its own, free, hosted, office application, 
| BigPond Office.   
| [...]
| Our reader was outraged by Telstraâs move, which he sees as an attack on the 
| open source software movement. 
| âThe principle of the matter upsets me,â he said. âThe fact that BigPond has 
| removed previously allowed open source software is un-ethical. They are 
| discriminating against me, even though I pay the same as other customers.  
| They are attacking the Free Software movement.â   

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