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[News] Fun Statistics with GNU/Linux and Free Browser Share

  • Subject: [News] Fun Statistics with GNU/Linux and Free Browser Share
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 02:28 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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46% That other OS, 42% GNU/Linux and 5.9% MacOS


20 Percent Of TechCrunch Readers Are Already Browsing With Chrome

,----[ Quote ]
| Googleâs Chrome browser is quickly gaining 
| market share, with one estimate putting it 
| at about 5 percent of total usage, while 
| Microsoftâs Internet Explorer is seeing a 
| drop in overall share. But among TechCrunch 
| readers Chrome is already beating every 
| browser except for Firefox.


Where does Mozilla go when the monopoly witch is dead?

,----[ Quote ]
| That one (point 5) seems to be where Baker 
| is at at the moment, although she's fairly 
| guarded about it. Speaking earlier at a 
| session at DLD in Munich, (video) Baker had 
| described Firefox as the "first necessary 
| step", a mechanism for breaking the 
| monopoly.
| This was a process of disruption, and "we 
| still intend to continue disruptionâ not 
| based so much on cost, because we've now 
| moved into a phase where everything is free 
| of charge to consumers. For Mozilla and 
| Firefox the key to disruption is the control 
| point, so our original disruption of the 
| first monopoly was to actually build an 
| industry and to crack the control point open 
| to get to the stageâ of creating value."


Starting the Discussion: How to Make Mozillaâs Websites Better

,----[ Quote ]
| As noted yesterday, there are many good 
| things about Mozillaâs various websites, but 
| the big picture of how theyâre organized and 
| work together leaves a lot of room for 
| improvement. Entering our web universe can 
| be really confusing for users, and the 
| current setup limits the ways we can spread 
| the word about all the stuff thatâs 
| happening around the organization and 
| community.



Licensing Delay Complicates Decision Between Open Source and Proprietary Video Players

,----[ Quote ]
| "Gack!" you say (justifiably). "Thank goodness
| I don't need to know about this H.264-HTML5-Ogg
| Theora mumbo-jumbo." Unfortunately, if you are
| in charge of encoding video for your Web site,
| if you design video players, or manage those
| who do, then you probably do need to pay
| attention.
| Blame it on YouTube and Apple. Though they
| didn't start it, their recent moves have
| brought the debate about open-source video
| codecs from niche blogs to a wider audience.
| [...]
| There is one major obstacle to HTML5, however:
| Mozilla, the open-source developer of Firefox,
| doesn't support H.264 because it's a
| proprietary codec. (Mozilla and others in the
| open-source community prefer Ogg Theora. And
| Google is looking to buy On2, the company that
| owns yet another proprietary video codec.)

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