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[News] Intellectual Monopolies Setbacks: Copyrights Sob Stories

  • Subject: [News] Intellectual Monopolies Setbacks: Copyrights Sob Stories
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 03:01:55 +0000
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Management Secrets of the Grateful Dead

,----[ Quote ]
| ODDLY ENOUGH, THE Dead's influence on the 
| business world may turn out to be a 
| significant part of its legacy. Without 
| intending to--while intending, in fact, to 
| do just the opposite--the band pioneered 
| ideas and practices that were subsequently 
| embraced by corporate America. One was to 
| focus intensely on its most loyal fans. It 
| established a telephone hotline to alert 
| them to its touring schedule ahead of any 
| public announcement, reserved for them some 
| of the best seats in the house, and capped 
| the price of tickets, which the band 
| distributed through its own mail-order 
| house. If you lived in New York and wanted 
| to see a show in Seattle, you didn't have to 
| travel there to get tickets--and you could 
| get really good tickets, without even 
| camping out. "The Dead were masters of 
| creating and delivering superior customer 
| value," Barry Barnes, a business professor 
| at the H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business 
| and Entrepreneurship at Nova Southeastern 
| University, in Florida, told me. Treating 
| customers well may sound like common sense. 
| But it represented a break from the top-down 
| ethos of many organizations in the 1960s and 
| '70s. Only in the 1980s, faced with 
| competition from Japan, did American CEOs 
| and management theorists widely adopt a 
| customer-first orientation. 


My Take on the NY Times Pay Wall

,----[ Quote ]
| The main problem of this approach is that 
| over the years of free access, the New York 
| Times has trained its readers for years that 
| the right price (or the Anchor) is $0 -- and 
| since this is the starting point it is very 
| hard to change it....
| Because we're not very good at figuring out 
| what we are willing to pay for different 
| products and services, the initial prices 
| that new products are presented with can 
| have a long term effect on how much we are 
| willing to pay for them. We basically can't 
| figure out how much pleasure the New York 
| Times gives us in terms of $ -- so we go 
| back and pay the same price we have paid 
| before. This means that getting people to 
| pay for something that was free for a long 
| time will be very challenging, but it also 
| means that if the New York Times were to 
| offer some new service at the same time that 
| they start charging, they might be more 
| likely to pull it off. 


Franceâs Le Fig Unveils Paid Features, But âNews Will Be Free Foreverâ 

,----[ Quote ]
| Another week, and another newspaper opts for 
| a paid-content model: French daily Le Figaro 
| has now announced price tiers for its 
| delayed, previously announced offering, 
| which will go live on Mondayâ
| But, instead of hoisting up a paywall around 
| all its news conent, Le Fig is going for a 
| freemium model, charging only for extras 
| like newsletters, a digital copy of its 
| printed edition, social media features - and 
| booking you a dinner table. The new features 
| come in three tiers, but spokesperson 
| Antoine Daccord tells paidContent:UK: âNews 
| will be free forever...â 


UK Court Finds That Simply Linking To Infringing Videos Is Not Infringing

,----[ Quote ]
| FACT originally claimed that the site 
| "facilitated" copyright infringement on the 
| internet, despite that not being a part of 
| UK law. Eventually, the official charges 
| were "Conspiracy to Defraud and breaches of 
| the Copyright Designs and Patents Act," 
| which is quite similar to what OiNK's admin 
| was charged with. And just like how OiNK's 
| Alan Ellis was found not guilty, the court 
| has sided with TV links, noting that it 
| didn't actually infringe on anyone's 
| copyrights directly. Of course, this still 
| took years of having to fight it out in 
| court and a ton of resources -- some of 
| which were frozen by a "financial 
| restraining order" during the case itself.


Digital Britain Minister Insists No One Is Creative If They Don't Earn Money

,----[ Quote ]
| He goes on to suggest that a statement like 
| that, so revealing in how Timms views the 
| world, should get Timms fired, as he's 
| basically admitting that he's only there to 
| protect corporate interests, rather than 
| actual creativity.


Universal Music Gets A New CEO... Who Thinks CDs Are The Future

,----[ Quote ]
| Yeah, good luck with that. Between you and 
| Warner Music opting-out of online streaming 
| services, it's as if the major record labels 
| are simply trying to accelerate their own 
| demise. Have they taken out life insurance 
| policies on themselves? In the meantime, 
| Vivendi, who's watching over Universal Music 
| these days?


Friday frivolity: Beyonce's pirated bikini

,----[ Quote ]
| In what has to be one of the more bizarre 
| copyright disputes, the underwear 
| manufacturer Triumph sued Sony because 
| Beyoncà was wearing copyright infringing 
| underwear in her music video "Video Phone". 
| Seriously.


EMI Apparently Forgot Grey Album Disaster; Issues Takedown Of Wu Tang vs. Beatles

,----[ Quote ]
| And here we are today, as EMI/Capitol (who, 
| last we saw, was trying to bootstrap a fake 
| word of mouth viral campaign, after its 
| suits blocked a real viral campaign) is 
| fighting to stay alive, as it is massively 
| in debt, with little hope of getting out of 
| it. 


Nina Paley's "All Creative Work is Derivative"

,----[ Quote ]
| This is an amazing animation by Nina Paley, 
| "America's Best-Loved Unknown Cartoonist." 
| Entitled "All Creative Work Is Derivative" 
| (and blogged here on her blog), and 
| concluding "All creative work builds on what 
| came before," the video is built from images 
| of of statues and paintings at the 
| Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. 


Draft letter to USTR on copyright extension

,----[ Quote ]
| This brings me to the Anti-Counterfeiting 
| Trade Agreement (ACTA). It is an anti-
| democratic outrage, not to have published 
| the terms of the draft agreement and 
| suggests to the skeptical that the USTR is 
| engaged in a shady deal which will not stand 
| the light of public disclosure and 
| discussion. One must assume that we are 
| trying to browbeat our trading partners into 
| accepting terms that they are resisting 
| rather than examining the pluses and minuses 
| of such an agreement for each of the 
| concerned parties.


EU Council signals new attacks on the 'Net 

,----[ Quote ]
| ...dragging in healthcare, criminal 
| sanctions, ACTA, and simple, old-fashioned, 
| rights-holder blackmail: " clear the net, 
| and we'll set up legal offers".
| After the  Telecoms Package  has opened up 
| the possibilities for  restricting   the 
| Internet, the EU is trying to move in closer 
| on copyright and IP enforcement.  A new 
| European Council document is calling for 
| stronger penalties for IP infringement and 
| seeks to re-open a shelved proposal for 
| criminal measures. 
| The document is an internal one drawn up by 
| the Spanish Presidency, and is being 
| discussed in a series of
| meetings which began last October, in 
| parallel with Council discussions on the 
| Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA).

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