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[News] Why GNU/Linux Should Dump and Avoid Comcast

  • Subject: [News] Why GNU/Linux Should Dump and Avoid Comcast
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 23:23:50 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Comcast Tech Support vs Linux user

,----[ Quote ]
| It appears that Comcast has no idea how to 
| handle someone with an IQ over 30. This 
| individual just wants setup fancast to watch 
| hbo programming on his computer. Clearly 
| Comcastic doesnât know how to handle such a 
| complicated question and the madness begins.
| The below is a cut and paste of the IM 
| discussion with Comcast this individual has.


Comcast is a business ally of Microsoft.

The US is generally Linux hostile compared to the rest of the world. Case of point:

Linux Professional Institute at CeBIT 2010, Hanover, Germany 

,----[ Quote ]
| (Kassel, Germany: February 11, 2010) The Linux 
| Professional Institute (LPI), the world's 
| premier Linux certification organization 
| (http://www.lpi.org), announced that its 
| affiliate, LPI Central Europe 
| (http://www.lpice.eu) will host a full program 
| of activities at CeBIT 2010 in Hanover, 
| Germany. Open Source will be a top theme at 
| this years edition of one of the world's 
| leading trade fairs for the ICT industry 
| (http://www.cebit.de/opensource_e). 



NBCU deal could bring Microsoft and Comcast back together again

,----[ Quote ]
| I followed up with Microsoft this morning
| to find out the specific implications of
| the Comcast-GE announcement for msnbc.com,
| and the company referred me to an NBC
| Universal representative. I'll update this
| post depending on the response.
| Unless there's an unexpected twist, the
| deal would put Microsoft and Comcast in
| business together, via msnbc.com --
| potentially giving new life to a corporate
| relationship that appeared to have fizzled
| out. Microsoft in January sold its
| remaining 7.3 percent stake in Comcast,
| ending a relationship that had started
| with the Redmond company's landmark $1
| billion investment in the cable company in
| 1997.


Consumer Groups Cry Foul on Comcast's NBC Play

,----[ Quote ]
| Comcast and General Electric's long-
| anticipated merger agreement -- which
| would see see the cable giant take a
| controlling stake in NBC Universal -- is
| already facing strident opposition from
| consumer groups, and concerns from
| lawmakers around the alliance of content
| with distribution.
| To critics, the deal to create the
| nation's biggest entertainment
| conglomerate invites a host of scenarios
| where Comcast could unfairly favor NBC
| programming through its television and
| Internet services.
| "Antitrust regulators must ensure that all
| content providers are treated fairly on
| the Comcast platform, and that Comcast
| does not get undue advantages in gaining
| access to programming," Sen. Herb Kohl,
| chairman of the Senate antitrust
| subcommittee, said in statement today,
| saying he planned to hold a hearing on the
| matter.


Comcast deploying astroturfing services of Radian6, spying on blog postings
with their services

,----[ Quote ]
| After being angered by yet another Comcast fuckup that led to me being W.O.I.
| (With Out Internet) for over nine hours one day last week, I noticed that
| within the next day, a Comcast ârepresentativeâ under the pseudonym
| of âMelissa Mendozaâ had commented on the post with links to their âsupportâ
| email address.
| As Iâve written about before, Microsoft and other large companies often use
| the services of large astroturfing  agencies. Microsoft uses one called
| Visible Technologies and apprently Comcast uses one called Radian6.


Comcast Fights FCC Net Neutrality Order

,----[ Quote ]
| The case is important because other broadband ISPs have privately feared the
| FCC order could hold jurisdiction over them as well.


Comcast And Time Warner Team Up To Control What TV You Watch Online

,----[ Quote ]
| So, it was no surprise back in February to hear of plans to make agreements
| between cable companies and content providers that would limit what kind of
| video you could watch online, requiring you to be a cable company subscriber
| and "authenticating" what you could watch. Thus, it should be no surprise
| that Comcast and Time Warner are now announcing exactly that.


Comcast Intercepts and Redirects Port 53 Traffic

,----[ Quote ]
| If true, this is a pretty serious escalation in the Net Neutrality wars.
| Someone using Comcast, please replicate the simple experiment spelled out in
| the article and confirm or deny the truth of it.


EU elections - significant results for Telecoms Package

,----[ Quote ]
| Greens and IND/DEM get a boost, and PSE dwindles, but the position of the UK
| Conservatives could be crucial for the Telecoms Package and the future of the
| open Internet


Comcast Internet throttling is up and running

,----[ Quote ]
| COMCAST, the second-largest US cable television and Internet communications
| service provider, has a new broadband traffic throttling scheme installed and
| operating in all of its markets.
| The ISP's new regime for restricting its customers' bandwidth utilisation
| replaces its former stealthy practice of arbitrarily blocking subscribers'
| peer-to-peer (P2P) upload traffic, which was criticised by the FCC last year
| after it was exposed by the Associated Press and others.


Using Linux to Overcome Comcast's Policy of FUD

,----[ Quote ]
| It's been two months now since Comcast announced its suffocating 250GB/month
| bandwidth quota (not cap). Needless to say, I've been infuriated with them
| since day one... I understand the methodology behind this kind of decision in
| regards to network administration... but why do they have to be such Nazis
| about it!!?!?
| [...]
| So in the end, Linux has solved all of my problems yet again. I will never
| have to worry about approaching 250GB in the dark. Untangle has been a huge
| help for me, and it just might help you if you're a heavy bandwidth user like
| I am.


Comcast, Verizon Agree To Cease-Fire On Patents

,----[ Quote ]
| Comcast and Verizon Communications have inked a deal under which the two
| companies have agreed to not sue each other over patent claims for a period
| of five years, according to company sources and published reports.


Comcast, NetZero latest providers to bow to Cuomo's Usenet campaign

,----[ Quote ]
| But in reality, Cuomo's pressure tactics have misfired. They led Time Warner
| Cable to pull the plug on some 100,000 Usenet discussion groups, including
| such hotbeds of illicit content as talk.politics and
| misc.activism.progressive. Verizon Communications deleted such unlawful
| discussion groups as us.military, ny.politics, alt.society.labor-unions, and
| alt.politics.democrats. AT&T and Time Warner Cable have taken similar steps.


Comcast files FCC impotence suit

,----[ Quote ]
| But the meatpuppetting cable outfit says it will comply with the order while
| its appeal plays out in federal court. Under the order (PDF), Comcast has
| until September 19 to completely disclose its discriminatory network
| management practices and show how it intends to stop these practices by
| year's end.


Comcast to cap monthly consumer broadband

,----[ Quote ]
| A far greater problem may be the slighting of cloud storage services that
| offer file transfer and backup. Services like Carbonite and Mozy let you back
| up and transfer the entirety of your computer's storage several times per
| month, which on many standard consumer machines can be in the hundreds of
| gigabytes.
| Apple, too, is just at the beginning stages of MobileMe, a service that
| offers sync and file backup to multiple devices. Additionally, the rumored
| all-you-can-eat iTunes could drastically change how much downloading users
| are doing on a monthly basis.


Comcast Gives Cold-Shoulder To Non-Profit School Running Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| I think it would be rather fun to make the displeasure of Comcastâs Linux
| customers loudly known. If you would like to spend a few minutes letting
| Comcast know that is wrong to discriminate against customers due to their
| choice of operating system, the phone number to the Lake City, Fl. office is
| (386) 752-6161.


FCC pelts Comcast with rotten veg

,----[ Quote
| Having put the company in the stocks two weeks ago, the FCC heaped a load of
| rotten vegetables over US cable giant Comcast yesterday.
| [...]
| The decision set a historic precedent for regulating packet networks, and not
| surprisingly much of the document (pdf) is devoted to a justification of why
| the FCC has the authority to intervene.


FCC on Comcast: Bravo!

,----[ Quote ]
| Free Press (and others) alleged that Comcast was blocking the BitTorrent
| application. We've known for sometime the result in this case (because of the
| weird practice of the FCC to release the results of an order without
| necessarily releasing the order). But at the crack of dawn (California time)
| today, the Commission released its 34 page order.
| It is fantastically well done. So much so that I felt compelled (in that
| weird lawyer like way) to blather my own 5 pages of thanks in a letter to the
| Commission that will be mailed today.


Bipartisan FCC Majority Condemns Comcast's Illegal Blocking

,----[ Quote ]
| WASHINGTON -- Today, the Federal Communications Commission published an
| enforcement order punishing Comcast, the nation's largest cable company, for
| blocking Internet users' access to legal online content and services. The
| order, approved by a bipartisan majority on Aug. 1, requires Comcast to stop
| its ongoing practice of blocking Internet content by the end of the year and
| disclose all "network management" practices.



Comcast, Microsoft team up to serve smaller firms

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's move to offer the online software suite appears designed to
| compete with a similar offering from rival Google Inc (GOOG.O: Quote,
| Profile, Research) known as Google Apps.


Microsoft Buys Into Brazil With $126M Globo Stake.

,----[ Quote ]
| It deepened its U.S. cable
| presence in May when it agreed to invest $5 billion in AT&T Corp., following
| a $1 billion investment in Comcast Corp. in 1997.
`----          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Comcast faces FCC slap over P2P throttling

,----[ Quote ]
| Nevertheless, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin told the Associated Press that
| Comcast's actions had "violated" a set of principles adopted by the
| regulatory commission to protect consumers' access. Indeed, three of five FCC
| commissioners recently voted in favour of an item that stated the internet
| provider had violated federal policy by throttling peer-to-peer traffic over
| its network.
| The FCC is slated to issue a final ruling at a commission meeting scheduled
| for August 1.


FCC's Martin: Comcast blocking was widespread

,----[ Quote ]
| Comcast's slowing of peer-to-peer traffic appeared to be more widespread than
| the company has disclosed, the chairman of the US Federal Communications
| Commission said this week.


Comcast Isnât Net Neutral; Are They Liars, Too?

,----[ Quote ]
| Following reports that Comcast isnât net neutral, Consumerist blog has
| acquired several leaks from Comcast insiders, claiming that they do indeed
| use Sandvine for packet shaping, and that customer service representatives
| are being told nothing about how the network technology works,


Comcast admits paying attendees at FCC hearing

,----[ Quote ]
| Comcast Corp. admitted yesterday that it paid people to attend a government
| hearing. Company critics say the freelance attendees were there to crowd them
| out; Comcast says they were merely saving seats for employees.


Comcast stacked Net Neutrality meeting


Allegations fly in FCC hearing aftermath

,----[ Quote ]
| Comcast Corp. on Tuesday acknowledged hiring people to fill seats before the
| start of a contentious federal hearing on how the company manages its
| broadband network, allowing its employees to take those seats when the
| filled-to-capacity hearing started.


Is Comcast's BitTorrent filtering violating the law?

,----[ Quote ]
| Assuming that the SYN packet goes through, the three-way handshake is allowed
| to happen, then the two hosts will be able to begin communicating. Your ISP
| can still kill the connection later, should they wish to, merely by blocking
| the transmission of future packets.
| According to Torrent Freak, Comcast is not doing this. They are instead
| sending a reset (or RST) packet to the Comcast customer, pretending to be
| from the host at the end of the BitTorrent connection.

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