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[News] More GNU/Linux Tablets Everywhere

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The Year of the Tablet Computer

,----[ Quote ]
| Next: Enter the latest addition to the 
| touchscreen devices set to da-beau in 2010: 
| MeeGo. In a joint effort between the Intel 
| and Nokia companies. MeeGo, a Linux based 
| operating system, is going to be targeted 
| at both ARM and x86 based devices (despite 
| the former of the two not being made by 
| Intel). While MeeGo is still in the very 
| preliminary stages of development, other 
| Linux-based touchscreen-orientated 
| operating systems, such as Android and 
| Maemo, have shown us that the Linux 
| platform is more than capable of 
| functioning on such devices in an elegant 
| manner. With backing from such large 
| companies MeeGo is going to be hard-pressed 
| to not get at least some publicity.


HALCON Embedded Runs on the Nokia N900

,----[ Quote ]
| The standard machine vision software HALCON 
| Embedded runs on the mobile phone Nokia 
| N900 (Linux-based operating system Maemo). 
| Test runs by the manufacturer of HALCON, 
| MVTec Software GmbH (Munich, Germany), have 
| shown an outstanding performance.


MSI Wind U160 gets the Moblin Linux treatment

,----[ Quote ]
| Sure, the folks at Moblin recently 
| announced that they were merging with the 
| Maemo project to develop a new OS called 
| MeeGo. But that hasnât stopped PC makers 
| from installing the latest version of the 
| Moblin netbook operating system on their 
| latest models and showing them off at trade 
| shows like Mobile World Congress and CES.



Free software alternative to Apple's tablet

,----[ Quote ]
| Given the fierce competition in the market
| of the tablets where all the big companies
| in the sector: Apple, Google and Microsoft
| have an alternative in the market or in
| development, a Spanish company presents
| after Apple a cheapest option, based on free
| software.

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