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Re: New (WINDOWS ONLY) Zeus botnet discovered in 75,000 systems

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____/ nessuno on Friday 19 Feb 2010 14:51 : \____

> On Feb 19, 12:44 am, Terry Porter <linu...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> One of the benefits of GNU/Linux compared to Windows is Linux is not the
>> seething virus fest that Windows is.
>> http://www.itnews.com.au/News/167611,new-zeus-botnet-discovered-in-75...
>> systems.aspx
>> begin{quote}
>> By Dan Worth
>> Feb 19, 2010 12:39 PM
>> Threat could affect 2,500 organisations.
>> Network forensics firm NetWitness has uncovered a new Zeus botnet that it
>> believes could be affecting over 75,000 systems in 2,500 companies
>> worldwide.
>> The 'Kneber' botnet is said to gather log-in information for financial
>> systems, social networking sites and email systems.
>> NetWitness said that it first discovered the botnet in January during a
>> routine deployment of its own monitoring solutions. Further investigation
>> showed that huge numbers of commercial and government systems had been
>> compromised.
>> Amit Yoran, chief executive of NetWitness, claimed that conventional
>> malware protection and signature-based intrusion detection systems are
>> becoming inadequate as large-scale compromises of enterprise networks
>> reach epidemic levels.
>> "Cyber criminal elements like the Kneber crew target and compromise
>> thousands of organisations across the globe. Those that have not kept
>> pace with the rapid advances of the threat environment will not see this
>> Trojan until the damage occurs," he said.
>> Alex Cox, a principal analyst at NetWitness, who was responsible for
>> uncovering Kneber, warned that the scale of the threat has ramifications
>> for the entire industry.
>> "When we detected the correlation between the methodology used by the
>> Kneber crew to attack victim machines and the wide variety of data sets
>> harvested, it became clear that security teams must rethink their entire
>> perspective on threats such as Zeus," he said.
>> Cox added that over half of the machines infected with Kneber are also
>> infected with a peer-to-peer botnet known as Waledac, suggesting that the
>> criminals are attempting to give the botnet resilience for "deeper cross-
>> crew collaboration in the criminal underground".
>> Zeus has long been a thorn in the side of the IT industry. Websense
>> issued a warning last week about a renew ed spate of global attacks
>> targeting staff in government and military departments.
>> Copyright  2009 v3.co.uk
>> end{quote}
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> There's something interesting, linguistically speaking, about the
> names of these botnets and the malware they put out:  Kneber, Waledac,
> Bredolab, Conficker, etc.  (I thought the last one was related to the
> vulgar German "ficken" but apparently it has a different origin).

There are already over 2 million Windows viruses to be named. It's becoming trickier
than naming the known constellations.

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